Monday, January 7, 2013

A Libra Looking Ahead to 2013

  I want to outline my plans and goals for 2013.  I am really excited for this year and the next 4 months can't go by quick enough.


  Archie and I are set to make our Training debut.  I hope to event Training all season and finish all events successfully.  I would love to take home ribbons.  I mostly just want to get around safely.  In our training, I want to continue to pursue rideability and work on relaxation off property.  We need more work on straightness over fences.  Things are going great at home, we need to take that with us into the show ring.  Relaxation and eliminating tension is the key.  I hope to lesson regularly over fences and on the flat.  Hopefully schooling Prelim at the end of the year.


  What can I say about William.  I hope to work through our current issues and compete at Training level dressage, green hunters, and hopefully get to an event or two.  I want to put his attitude issues behind us, and for him to become a more rideable, predictable boy.  I really want things to work out or us this year.


  Pending on Parkers legs and hoof, I want Parker to be going walk, trot, canter, and going over small fences by the fall.  Possibly also have him schooled over small cross country courses here at my place.  I would love to take him to a local schooling show.  At the very least I will take him off property for some rides.  No real agenda, just positive rides to start.


  I want to have Liam backed this summer.  Going walk, trot, canter, and maybe little hacks.  Just enough so that when he is 3/4 he will be ready for actual training.  

  For myself I want to ride as much as possible.  Take as many lessons as I can financially sustain.  I want to expand my training knowledge and become a more aware rider.  Take the next step.  I hope to blog more as I hoped last year (although that failed miserably).  I want to have good times with my friends and appreciate all the fun we have together as I always do.  I don't ever want to take my friends for granted.  I am so lucky to have them.  I am hoping to run two successful Short Course Events at my place this year, and have it be a great experience for all.

 I hope for my family, friends, and animals to all stay healthy and happy.  I am going to work harder in 2013 than I have ever worked before.  Here is to a great year.

Next year..Training water

Training corner two strides after a 3'3 coop.

A Pre-Training/Training Table we tackled.

The Pre-Training coffin we did last year.



  1. Great goals! I so have a motivational picture for you - I'll put it up on my blog tomorrow as i have no idea how to attach a picture to a comment. Can you even do that?

  2. Sounds like some great plans! I hope you blog more so I can keep updated on all your going ons!

  3. Awesome plans! I hope to read all about your adventures!

  4. Woof! Woof! Lately, my dad enjoys riding horses and it is costly. Last week I posted on my FB I had a conversation with my horse friend Blaze. Wishing you Lots of Luck on accomplishing your goals. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. I don't think you can post pics in the comments...would be great if you could!

    Sugar, if you are even in Ontario we will take you riding free of charge! I work to feed these animals...but they are my whole reason for living!

  6. Wow 4 horses to keep in work! You will be working hard this year and it is understandable you have little time to blog about it. I will look forward to the updates when they come!

  7. Love the goals I can't wait to see how this year goes for you! :) Hopefully it'll be the best year so far

  8. Sounds like you are going to have a busy and productive year. Here's to health and happiness!

  9. They sound like great goals. I cant wait to read as you accomplish them. Best of luck for the year.

  10. Sounds like great plans! Those jumps are bad a! You can totally do it and I am excited to follow along :)

  11. Awesome goals! Can't wait to see how Parker and Liam turn out.

    I love that last photo of Eric and Hickstead. My heart melted a bit.

  12. Love ALL the photos! :) Great goals and hope they all turn out as you see it :)


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