Monday, February 18, 2013

All Hail the Round Bale!

don't touch my roundbale Ozzy!

  Is it just me, or do all your horses go absolutely bananas for their round bale?

 Every other weekend, my man and I gas up my rents ol' diesel and make the 20 minute trip to go see our "round bale guy".  Never in my life have I used round bales.  There was never a need.  I kept my horses at my parents place, and we always had plenty of hay.  This year, is the first year I have had to run my own life full on with horses in tow.  Wouldn't you know it, it has to be the year where there is a massive drought and hay shortage.  Greaaaaat.

  Luckily, my parents cut their own hay and we were able to split that for small squares.  Sadly, there was not enough this year to keep us going completely.  I placed an ad on Kijiji looking for round bales that I could pick up freely.  I thought it would be a tall order.  Since I didn't have a tractor at that point, or anywhere to store them, I would need to just pick up a bale one at a time in the back of the truck.  I lucked out and connected with our hay guy, who had no hay issues for himself this summer.  He agreed to let me pick up a bale when I needed one and he would store the rest for me in the meantime.  Major score!

  For my four guys, they usually last about 2 weeks.  That was, until they completely demolished the round bale holder we made.  So, it is understandable why they build these things out of metal.  For me, I am not a fan of the metal ones.  One, because my horses are extremely playful and accident prone.  Two, because I just can't afford them!  Alas, we will have to build another holder, a much stronger, sturdier one.  In the meantime I have thrown their round bale out naked in the field for them to adore.

 On those days when a fresh round bale arrives, it's like Christmas for the boys.  They start by following the truck out to the field, blocking me so I can barely move.  We have to shoo them away so we can drop it off the back.  Once that happens they begin to run around and buck and play in excitement.  We roll it off the truck and be sure to cut all the strings off.

 Once the bale is all set we leave the paddock and then the craziness ensues.  William is always the first one to it, and proceeds to climb onto it, and rub his face and neck on it, then continues to slide off of it onto his back and roll around like a crazy man.  He does this several times....until Archie chases him away and flies into the sky doing airs above the ground.  They all start rearing, jumping, bucking, and rolling.  Carrying on for a good ten minutes.  We stand at the gate and just laugh in hysterics.  

Archie says "not on the hay guys!"

Parker is doing a canter pirouette and Archie is being a racehorse?

 From then on it's all about the round bale.  They spend every minute of the day there, in it's presence.  Not necessarily eating it.  Just protecting it, sleeping in it, rubbing their faces on it, and enjoying it.

  Horses.  Their love for the round bale gets me every time.  I do believe, they truly love it.

 Happy happy horses :)


  1. OMG...that is hilarious. I have never seen horses go so nuts. I don't have experience with round bales, but sounds like a good option.

  2. Too funny! They are sure excited about their hay!

  3. I love how much they enjoy playing!

  4. Woof! Woof! LOVE it! Gorgeous, those eye says it all. We sure miss horse Blaze. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Great photos!
    I love how playful your guys are, it's like catnip for horses!

  6. Oh they're so cute! Our boarded horses are so used to round bales that they don't get excited, which is a bummer seeing these fun pics of your gang.

  7. Yup! So true they are in their glory. Good descriptors as I CAN imagine it - got quite the chuckle, especially watching Parker having a good roll in it this morning - I thought he was going to make a nest for himself.

  8. Stunning Pictures! LOVE THEM! It must be funnny to watch them!

  9. I just stumbled upon this, you as a horse and dog lover may have already seen his work...

    1. Wow...his work is stunning...thank you for sharing! Love the icelandic ponies..

  10. Love the photos. I gotta get me a round bale if it'll make me that happy :)

  11. they look so happy! I love seeing animals having fun

  12. ha ha! I love this post! Grayson has been getting round bales for years and has never been this I'm a little disappointed with him! ha ha! j/k

    We do not have a round bale feeder or frame. I used to have a Hay Hut which I loved...the barn that he's been at for the past 1.5 just throws (not really!) them out uncovered. THE HORROR...I couldn't believe she did that but now I realize that it's okay and they'll eat it.

  13. Wow, those pictures are awesome! I can't believe they get so worked up over a round bale.


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