Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Archies Show Pics!

  I received a CD I ordered today - filled with pictures from a couple of events this summer.  They are just stunning!  You can really see how I need to work on my arms/albows over fences....but I have to remember this horse is usually shooting off like a Rocket and bouncing all over!  We'll get there eventually.  I just love how nice he is looking.

-All photos are Copyright Calina Ritchie-

 I can't wait to go EVENTING!!!!!!


  1. I love the pictures they are completely and utterly stunning, I love them!!!

  2. WOW, those pictures came out so wonderful. You both look fantastic!

  3. Those pictures are amazing! You both look so focused and he looks like he is having fun!! He is just gorgeous!!!

  4. Looks like a blast. Seeing these photos makes me even more impatient for the summer!

  5. Beautiful!! You guys look great together.

  6. You guys looks awesome!!! What great pictures and how cool to look back at them! :)

  7. Lovely photos. You can see how much of a rocket he is, and I think your position considering his 'launch' is very good. You look secure, balanced, etc.

    1. Thanks Dom. Ill get that rocket tamed one of these days! Lol

  8. Love all the pics. You guys look so good together.


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