Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holiday's Are Over for Archie

 Since Archie has had his post eventing season holiday, he has been spending time getting fat and resting up.  Doctors orders.  He is looking nice and fat now and we are ready to start getting back into shape for the 2013 season.  What better day then today - with almost 2 feet of soft fluffy snow covering the ground.  

 Archie was very excited when I took him out, but well behaved as always.  I took him for a little gallop to get the zoomies out.  We mostly just worked at the walk, on relaxation and carrying himself into the contact.  He was most excellent.

 There is this feeling you get when you have been riding green and difficult horses, and you get back on your trusty ol steed.  Like the butt groove you acquire in your favorite Lay-Z-Boy.  Home.  It feels like home. Bliss.

  Earlier in the day, when the horses first went out they were having an absolute ball in the snow.  Rolling and rolling, bucking and rearing.  They were being typical geldings, loving their day.

William disappearing in the snow...

doing what he does best.
typical geldings.

Parkers DERP face.
William moonlights at the Spanish riding school.

I think he just loves to buck!

Merlin - Yetti?

Archie in all his glory

 Trying to make the most of this crazy winter...!


  1. I love all the snow pictures. I know the feeling, when I ride Poppy after riding Fred I feel so much more at home in the saddle.

  2. Love the snow pics - my guys at home were uncharacteristically boring today! Apparently Gracie had a good romp though (sorry I missed that show, she's always entertaining!). Meant I had the nicest ride on her I've had in weeks, haha. Nothing like a good romp in the snow to sort out a young TBs brain! ;-)

  3. Looks like you and Archie had a blast. Glad to hear the boys are enjoying the snow while it lasts. My mare made sure to roll in every major snow drift in her field.

  4. Great photos! Your guys are soo cute and funny in the snow! They look like they are having so much fun.

  5. Snow gallops are one of the few things I miss about alaska. Sometimes I still dream about running in the snow. I love the photos. those boys don't know how to have fund do they? ;)

  6. Ilove the snowy pictures they all loook like they are just having so much fun and that it amazing, completely calm and chilled out. You guys look great together!

  7. Great photos, they look so happy.


  8. That gallop looks fabulous! I haven't done that since I was a kid. Definetely something I need to do again.

  9. Those are great pictures!! I have never seen a horse roll in the snow, silly boys.

  10. I love seeing them in the snow! It looks like they really enjoy it too, which for some reason, and I have no idea why, I din't know horses liked the snow much!


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