Monday, February 4, 2013

NCHTA Awards Banquet 2013

 Saturday night my friend Alayne and I hit the road to take the 2 hour journey to the Ottawa Valley - with one goal in mind.  Get. Our. Trophies.  Little did we know there was a massive blizzard snow squall hitting the highway as we rolled into the night.  We were wedged between a long line of cars but we managed to make it to our destination in one piece, and only a little late despite driving 40k half the way.

  We got there just in time for the buffet and a few drinks.  This years guest speaker was Lorraine Laframboise.  Lorraine has been eventing since the first Horse Trials started in Canada, and was one of the first Canadians to "winter" down in the Southern US.  She has ridden for Canada at the Olympics and has coached many riders to victory at the Young Rider level.  Lorraine gave a very inspiring speech about our sport.  How it has changed, and how to make it at the level you aspire to in this day and age.  She spoke of the importance of showjumping, and our riding in the stadium.  She shared videos of Equitation riders - and advised us all in the room that we must study, practice, and become more polished if we ever want to be as good as the like of the Germans - even at the lowest level.  Her speech was very inspiring, and somewhat torturous because I am dying to get back out there now!!

  If you were not a follower of my blog last year, I explained that the NCHTA stands for National Capitol Horse Trials Association.  The awards night recognizes riders on a point based system for recognized Horse Trials in the Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec Region.  This year, Archie was Champion in the Pre-Training Sr Division (Novice), and Alayne and her horse Cayden were Reserve Champion in the Prelim.  This was a great achievement for us both in our first season at those levels!  Archie and Cayden really tried their hearts out for us.

 We took our lovely plaques and headed home.  Archie's is already hanging on his stall beside the one he won last year.  I received a lovely trophy to keep for year also.  Now I am ready to get Archie back into work after his vacation and prep for our Training level debut this May (eek)!  I rewarded Mr Chi with a new improved 5 point breastplate for this season.  It's even blue elastic - our colours!  So in Love.

Archies congrats present - a new breastplate!



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