Friday, March 15, 2013

Ladies and Gentleman We are Back

  Ok, SO, my internet has been down for over a week and I am going through serious withdrawal.  We are back in action now though, and let me tell you I am very happy about this!!  I would like to say thank you to everyone who gave me advice about Ozzy and his barking when I get ready to go to the barn.  I have tried a little bit of everything and so far, telling him NO, QUIET, or letting him into the backyard first then sneaking out and grabbing him from outside seems to be working best.  I think it's a work in progress and I will keep everyone updated.  I really appreciate the advice.

 I have had a busy few weeks, but for now I will share some pictures from a walk I took with my dogs last Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, about 10 degrees (50f).  The snow was melting and the sun was shining.  The dogs were having an absolute blast.  I found we have some natural springs in the back field and the boys were loving their first swim of the year.  They even took a few good jumps over the cross country fences.  I just love these boys.

Go Benny Go!

Natural eventer.

Fly Broo Broo!

Water doggies.

Brotherly love :)
 I can't wait to catch up on everyone's life...TGIF :)


  1. Last weekend was full of such beautiful weather. Glad you guys got to enjoy it!

  2. omh look at those CA-UTE puppies!!! :)

    Welcome back btw :)

  3. I was wondering why you were so quiet! Those doggies are adorable :D


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