Monday, April 1, 2013


  This April, I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  Each day, except Sundays, you blog on a topic or theme starting with the corresponding letter of the alphabet starting with A and ending with Z.  It is a fun challenge to get your imagination rolling and also inspire you to post more.

  We are starting the challenge off by celebrating my farm owning anniversary!  It was exactly one year ago today that I had one of my biggest life long dreams come true - and I got the keys to our first home, a cute little horse farm.

  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to own such a lovely piece of land, such a sweet little oasis to call home.  I absolutely love being a farm owner.

 So much has happened in the last year, I acquired 2 more horses, 2 more dogs, 2 barn cats, switched jobs, became an aunt x2, and have worked harder than ever before.

 To celebrate, I thought I would compile a list of advice and must haves for first time farm owners;

  • Wire cutters, a must on the farm.  For when your yearling attempts to jump out of the paddock but fails.

  • A good lawn mower, preferable a ride on if you own land.  A tractor is even better.  Push mowing your cross country course is a lot of work.

  • Money is necessary.  Lots and lots of money.  Understanding of the knowledge of "mortgage poor" will help ease the suffering.

  • Endless supply of fencing supplies.  For those early mornings when your horse is grazing on your front lawn, or those nights when you get home from work and your horses are locked in your riding ring....

  • Water tank heaters.  In multiples.  They second as horse toys when your horses are bored in the dead of winter.

  • Hoses.  500 feet of hoses.  You can never have too many hoses.

  • Really really really nice neighbours who plough your driveway and bring you fresh eggs :)

  • Money, did I already say that?  You need more of it.

  • A desire to have no life outside your farm or travel anywhere ever again.

  • A good truck, for grain/shavings/hay pickups.

  • Muscles.

  • Dogs.  No farm is complete without at least one dog.  Who will drag mud all through your house otherwise?

  • A love of the farm life - without this you might just lose your mind.  With this - you will think you have died and gone to Hobby Farm Heaven.

Here is to many more years of learning, hard work, and fun at Catori Lane!  I hope you can share them with me.


  1. Beautiful dogs! Enjoy the A to z Challenge...

  2. Happy farm owning anniversary! I love that you are living out your dream :)

  3. How cool! Happy anniversary!

  4. Great post! Makes all of us who board our horses think twice about 'if only I had land' :)

  5. That was great. Farm life seems very hard but rewarding.

  6. Happy Farm Anniversary! Great advice, I'm saving up on the money part. lol

  7. Happy Farm Owning Anniversary! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your farm!


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