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Everyday we face situations which we handle with ease, and others that create a long struggle to find a solution.  In our process to find a solution we can reach out to others, do research, trial and error until we get it right.  Learning is a necessary element to our survival in a way.  If we don't learn how to navigate through life we can literally end up sleeping in the gutter.

 Taking these situations and looking at them from the outside, understanding why the things happened the way they did, can help you to learn more about them.  I like to take this approach to my riding these days.  Listening, watching, and processing the things around me.  You can learn so much from just spending a day watching and really thinking about what is happening in the show ring.  What riders do and the reaction the horse gets.  Why some horses have a nicer overall picture than others and how it relates to the way the horse goes or is ridden.  Listening to others on the sidelines, watching how riders place.  You can learn so much from this.

 Taking the Equine Nutrition course from the University of Edinburgh through Coursera has made me much more aware of the functioning of my horses body.  I went to a seminar a few weeks ago put on by the local feed store and vet and I understood thoroughly what they were talking about because I had just finished the course.  I learned I was leaving something basic but very important - loose salt - out of my horses diet.  I am confident in my feeding program and horse care more so now.  I don't feel as though I have to worry if my horses are getting everything they need.  There is always so much to learn in the horseworld, and we have to be careful we don't reach the point where we think we know it all.

  No one knows it all, even the best horsemen, the smartest people learn from someone.  My point is that we have to be proactive in our education in life, and learning from our experiences - good and bad. Go to those seminars, clinics, watch education videos.  There is a huge resource of information on You Tube for everyone on almost every topic.  If you have a great experience, think about how you got there and learn from that path.  If you are struggling, take the time to think about why you might be struggling, and what you can do to get yourself back on the right path.

 We must learn to survive, to succeed.

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  1. That is so true in all things...waiting and observing can prove very useful for sure! Following you via the challenge..follow back if you like. I don't have horses but think they are such lovely and sweet creatures...

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  2. I have been told that there are two ways to learn things. One is from your own mistakes and the other is from the mistakes of others. We all experience challenges, but we grow only when we learn from the experience. Your examples are good ones.

  3. Live, learn and grow, that's what life is about!

  4. Great post, and completely agree. The horse community is expansive and there are tons of resources out there to learn from. We can never learn enough really!

  5. So very true. And loose white salt is such a simple but important thing to give your horses! :-) Parker was raised on it. ;-)

  6. Continuing to learn throughout our lives is so important. You're totally right. I'm glad you had a great experience with the nutrition course and that it has positively effected your (and your horse's) life since. Yay!

  7. Horses are such magnificent creatures!

    Susan Kane @

  8. There is always something more to be learned. Great post!


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