Tuesday, April 16, 2013


   I want to use this post to talk about my mom and how thankful I am to have her in my life.  Without her I would never have found horses, a job in insurance (not sure if Im thankful for that), or a love of dogs.  She does so much for me every day that I just can't thank her enough.  

  She lets me bring my horses over to her place all winter on the weekends just so I can use her arena and get some riding in.  She makes amazing soup and chilli for me so that we can sell it at our canteens at our shows.  She lets me keep her truck and trailer at my place so I can easily get hay, feed, and trailer my guys around.  She has us over for dinner all the time and tolerates our sarcasm over her love of Heartland.  

 My mom gives me advice at work, and is always there when I need her most.  She gives the best advice, and is a shoulder to lean on.  She is so incredibly smart and sensible.  She takes care of Liam for me better than anyone else could.  She lets me take her prized Dressage horse to hunter shows to kick butt.

 I don't know what I would do without her.  The most amazing thing about my mom has to be her dedication to her horse and her passion for Dressage.  She is the most dedicated amateur I have ever seen, always tries %110.  She has come so far in her riding, it is hard to believe she used to be a nervous rider.  Now she is hacking on her own, and dominating the Dressage ring.

  Last summer, my mom was champion in First Level for Western Ontario.  Perhaps the most competitive region in Ontario.  Riders were on their $40,000 fancy horses who have been there done that.  My mom kicked their butts.  Big time.  I have never been more proud.  This was a huge celebration for us.  I love that I can share this passion with my mom.

 I am so lucky to have Lady Z as my mum.

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  1. Your mom sounds awesome! I am trying to get my mom into riding. She has always loved horses, but has never really ridden. How cool to have a mom that rides!

    1. It has its pros and cons...but its definitely great to share :)

  2. Good for her! That's an amazing achievement and seems like she's just as lucky to have you for a daughter as you are to have her as a mom.

  3. Love this! Your mom sounds awesome!

  4. Your Mom is truly a gem!


  5. Your mom is lucky to have a daughter who appreciates her :) The bond I share with my youngest daughter thru horses is priceless to me!

  6. Best post on my newsfeed today :)

  7. Awe love this!!! Sounds like you have a fab mom!

  8. Mam's are the best!
    Hope yours reads this! :)


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