Monday, April 22, 2013

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

  After years of trying to scrimp, save, and make the time available, I am finally heading back to Kentucky for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day event, the only 4**** event in North America.  I was about 12 the first time I went to Kentucky to watch the Rolex.  It was one of those trips that got me hooked on eventing.  Looking at the sheer size of these fences, and the ease of the horses to soar over them.  Makes you feel like a heel for being nervous about your 3' fences.

 For those that don't know, the Kentucky Rolex is the highest level three day event in North America.  This event dates back to the 70's.  The best of the best come out to play, the winner walks away with a brand new Rolex.  Three Day Eventing is the sport I compete in.  It consists of three days of competition.  Day one is Dressage, day two is Cross Country, day three is Show jumping.  The lowest overall score takes the win.

 Thursday night Alayne and I are embarking on a trip, escorting 40+ Pony Clubbers on a bus onwards to Kentucky.  It should be quite the experience in itself.  Lord give us the strength to tolerate teenage girls with overwhelming excitement to attend Rolex.  I will now finally have a taste of what it was like for my chaperones when I was in Pony Club.

 Only three more days, then we are Rolex bound!

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  1. Wow, can you say I am JEALOUS!
    Enjoy it - looks & sounds amazing!

  2. Your going to have such a wonderful time!!!!

  3. I swear those horses have wings! Have fun!

  4. Have fun! I went years ago...hoping maybe next year I can go again!


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