Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tough Hound All Sport Collar - Product Review

  I was contacted by the nice people at the Dog Bark Collar Store to do a product review of the Tough Hound Dog Collar.  I checked out their website which is clear and easy to navigate and jumped at the chance to try out this collar.

 I saw the collar had the dogs name and contact information engraved into the stainless steel area and thought it would be ideal for Ozzy who didn't yet have a name tag and I usually allow to run free on the farm.

  A few weeks after I picked my colour and engraving details the collar arrived and I put it on Ozzy right away with excitement.  The nice blue colour looked dashing on him.  I instantly felt some relief knowing if he does ever wander off, his name, my phone number, and address are right there etched into the collar easy to see.

I look goooood

  After several weeks of wearing it, I realized this collar was going to survive for quite some time.  This is a major plus for Ozzy.  He is the toughest little dog I have ever met, and he is low to ground so his collars get dirty and destroyed very easily.  Since this collar is made with polycoated nylon webbing, it has yet to tear, fray, or stay dirty for very long.  It's the perfect collar for a farm dog like Ozzy.

 The size was right on, it was easy to fasten and easy to undo.  There is a large  loop to hook a leash on easily.  Ozzy has already received several compliments on this collar.

 My only offer of improvement would be to either make a keeper for the extra length, or shorten the extra length.  I am just going to cut mine off so it looks neater and is less weight.  The collar is heavier than your average collar, but for a little ox like Ozzy I think that is OK.

 Overall I give the Tough Hound Collar two paws up!  I think will be getting two more for Broo and Bentley in the future so they can look as dashing as Ozzy.  :)

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  1. hmm interesting.. our dogs always lose the tags so this is a great idea!

  2. That does look like a nice sturdy collar and I love the color choice for him!

  3. That looks like a great collar! The only thing that I'd hesitate about is the metal plate on it. I had a collar like that one Shyla for a while but the metal was very uncomfortable when she snuggled with us.

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