Monday, May 27, 2013

Hosting Our Second Short Course Event

  Not sure whose brilliant idea it was to go to Rolex, then book a clinic the end of the week we returned for 2 days, the days before hosting a short course event.  Not to mention take a course for work which requires way too much studying than my horse fed mind desires, but we survived.

 I have been away from my blog because of this.  I have also taken William to his first and second show, wrote my exam for my work course, and done all the spring cleaning around the farm....but more on that later. I finally have a minute to spare.

 2 weeks ago was my farm Catori Lane's second Short Course Event.  We are now part of the Kingston Short Course Event Series, where there is a group of us local farms hosting these short course events.  Points are tabulated and year end awards are given out at the end of season at what will be a great awards banquet!

 As I mentioned, Alayne and I months ago thought we were so hardcore that we could easily run the short course and attend a Diana Burnett clinic on the same weekend.  We were to clinic Fri/Sat and the have the show on Sunday.  I took a few days of work that week to prepare the grounds and tidy up loose ends.  I don't think I have ever painted so much in my life.  I don't think I slept at all that week.  To prove just how over worked I was - I forgot my saddle when we drove 2 plus hours to the clinic.  Luckily Alayne had a spare in her trailer!

  Regardless, we managed to pull everything together for show day.  The weather Gods were not playing in our favour and we had a combination of all weather that day.  Meaning; we had sun, clouds, wind, LOTS of wind, hail, snow, rain, and maybe even a mini hurricane.  The weather literally changed every 5 minutes.  It was cold and blowing, but somehow everyone was still smiling and having a great time.

My judge - Lady Z and friend Chris who braved our crazy weather and were in good spirits!
  We had a major dumping of rain for 2 days before the event and unfortunately, the parking area was completely under water.  Our first arrival got stuck and so we had to re route 30 some trailers to various locations throughout our property.  We had people parking all over the front lawn, in paddocks, the driveway, beside the barn...anywhere there was space.  That was definitely the biggest stress of the day for me, but in the end it all worked out and we managed to fit every last trailer!

 The rides ran very smooth and we received a lot of positive feedback.  Everyones horses were well behaved and their turnout was immaculate.  At the end of the day Alayne and I sat in the secretaries office and drank a bottle of wine, thinking, wow...I can't believe we got through that.  Everything caught up with me and I got very sick the following week and am still just recovering now.  Lesson learned....when planning horse shows, don't plan anything else! LOL

 Enjoy some pictures from our show day, and a video compilation at the end! 

 All photos are courtesy of Susan Dall and are Copyright protected.  They are used with permission for A Filly's Best Friend and Catori Lane Stables ONLY.  Any reproduction without permission is considered theft.

Nicole and Ruby

Ellie and Winston

Dana and Quartz (DQ)

Pam and Winston

I really like this mare!

and this pony!

Pam and Riley

Heather and Boom go over the hill log Rolex style

Katie and Harri

Erica and Destiny

Carrie and Blonde Ambition had the entertainment award

safe landing

Video :)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. What a day - but a success! Horsey people are a tough bunch!

  3. YIKES at that rear! Glad she landed safely. Great photos.

  4. Dang girl you were booked SOLID! Looks like a great event though!

    Aye the rear!

  5. You have been quite busy!
    As long as there was smiles I would have to think it was a great event that you hosted! Love all the gorgeous photos!

  6. Glad it all worked out - that weekend was full of bad weather spells. The photos look great, I especially love those ponies!

  7. Looks like a super great show :-)


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