Friday, May 3, 2013

Rolex Kentucky Photo Dump

  Here are all of my pics from my lovely time in Kentucky!  There are more on my video camera but I will get those off another day.  We had a fabulous trip, I am so in love with Kentucky.  The people were so nice and accommodating too.  It was a real treat to get away somewhere so beautiful and horse crazy.

The goods!!

Sneaking in a pic with winner Andrew Nicholson.

Mary King signing autographs - such an amazing woman.

Boyd in the warm up - where the best action is.

Stallion barn at Three Chimneys

Caleb's Posse being turned out.

Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown

Ice Box 

Exchange Rate

War Chant

Seattle Slew Monument

Winners Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo.

Buck Davidson

Kendal Lehari and Daily Edition

Boyd Martin and Trading Aces

Mark King and Fernhill Urco

Hawley Bennett and the super Gin N Juice

Hawley Bennett and the super Gin N Juice

Peter Atkins and "Run Henny Run"

Phillip Dutton

Your winner, Mr. Stickability and the beautiful Quimbo!

My mom and Ace in the future lol

I just love this horse; Sir Archie?  Brilliant.

I just love Sir Archie lol

A demonstration of how horses were transported to the Americas.

The evolution of the horse.

Secretariats racing halter.

Secretariats racing silks.

The future trophy my mom will win lol.

Seattle Slew

The Kentucky Derby winning roses.

I just love these flower pots!

Cigar, world famous racehorse.

Ahh Kentucky...I will miss you.  Until next year.


  1. I love instagram :) Great photos! Makes me want to go back to the Kentucky Horse Park!

  2. Beautiful pictures (but that's a big DUH when horses are the subject LOL)! Makes me wish *I* could go!

  3. I loved being able to meet Cigar when I was at the horse park. I also loved ogling their beautiful barns and fences. Everything is so immaculate! Glad you had fun :)

  4. Wow, what a series of photos! Horses are so strong and graceful.

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