Wednesday, July 24, 2013

William Shows the Hunters

 Last Saturday I took William to his second hunter show.  We entered in the cross rail and walk trot division.  He is jumping pretty well but I have learnt with him, it is best to take baby steps and have a confidence boosting round rather than challenge him away from home.

  Since it was such a scorcher the last few weeks, I barely had any chance to ride him.  In case you haven't noticed, I have been really swamped here on the farm, with little time to ride and virtually no time to blog.  Jesse is away again so I am running this ship solo.  It takes an extra amount of work to do that, plus the hay has been coming in.  I basically am a crazy robot person right now just getting shit done left right and center. Pretending to anyways.

  Back to William....I was a little worried since I had barely ridden him and he is usually a bit of a dinkus when he has time off.  I was so concerned that I was about to bail the night before but luckily my rock of a friend Dana convinced me I would be fine and to just get my shit together and take him to the show.  It was just a little schooling show so how bad could it be?  I guess she was right but I am of the competitive nature - I want to win!

my handsome hunter pony

I must be sizing up the competition lol
I loaded Willy up amidst a massive torrential downpour and lightening storm.  He is such a superstar to load now, he walked right on and I just went up behind him and did up the butt bar.  By the time the doors were shut and I was in the truck the rain had stopped and the sun was peaking in.  I picked up Dana on the way and we made it to the host facility with lots of time to spare.  Miraculously the sun came out and we had beautiful weather.  I should add that the reason this is important is because the day before we had such a severe storm that the entire town of Napanee (which I am on the outskirts of) was destroyed by fallen trees and power lines, and they were without power for a few days.  The fact that this show was even still on was a shock to us but we were grateful.   We are die hard, no tornado rain storm is going to stop us from showing!

 William and I did two cross rail classes and then a flat class.  He was an absolute gem in all three classes and I couldn't have been happier with him.  He even got an adorable little lead change in his first class!  He won the first over fences, was third in the second (he hit a rail due to a hind lead switch cross canter) and was second in the under saddle.  He ended the day as the cross rail division champion and got to take home some beautiful ribbons!

I was  really happy with William that day.  He stood quietly on the trailer after his classes and was a perfect gentleman.  I am feeling more and more confident he may be ready to hit an event before the end of the year.  Hard to believe just a few months ago I was seriously wondering if I would ever be able to ride this horse normally.  Once again hard work, persistence, and patience pays off.

 Way to go Willy!  I have video, will upload this week.  Our next show is this weekend, a dressage show.

Don't you love the ribbon colours??


  1. Great job!! And he is so so handsome :)

  2. Good for you guys! Those ribbons are so much fun, especially with William striking such handsome poses.

  3. He is just so gorgeous, and so are the ribbons! Congratulations on doing so well. You look so happy and proud in the pictures! and good luck this weekend!

  4. Congrats!! Looks like you guys did really well. Such a handsome fella.

  5. He's so cute! What an adorable face.


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