Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cross Country Wrap Up

  It was a great day for the OTTBs of Team Tyendinaga!  Alayne had a fast and clean cross country round that moved her up from 7th to 2nd place going into show jumping tomorrow.

  My cross country was equally exciting.  The course was on the easy side I thought when I walked it but you can never be sure - never underestimate a course.  Alaynes course was a sleeper course too - only two of the first four people who started finished.  It looked easy but didn't ride that way.

  Here is the Pre Training Course;

  My phone died before I could get video of the last fence.

  Examining Penny after our dressage I noted the little marks she had on the inside of her mouth from having her teeth floated had opened up and I am sure that is part of the issue we had today.  In warm up for cross she was really throwing her head and that is very unlike her.  I have slathered her with coconut oil to help overnight in the meantime.

  Penny was foot perfect on course,  she was a little looky but I think more of a scoping things out then a nappy issue.  I almost screwed up and turned up the wrong hill before realizing what I was doing and corrected myself.  She jumped everything easily, went into the water, and came home with a clear round.  

  I had to really bring her back on the last portion because we were WAY ahead o the time.  We managed to do it and finished with a double clear.

  We were in last place after dressage (19th) and we moved up to 13th with that round.  The horses have been pampered, poulticed, and given many carrots.  We are now relaxing and having some beers, preparing for stadium tomorrow.  The pressure is on for Alayne to hold her placing and hopefully Penny and I can swing a clear round and move up a few more placings.

  Until then, I leave you with tired Cayden!


  1. Aww sleepy pony! Congrats on the move ups!

  2. Course looks lovely. Congrats on a good day! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Looks like a fun course! Have fun tomorrow!

  4. Way to go! Keep that coconut oil handy! Good luck tomorrow.

  5. Good work, best of luck tomorrow!

  6. Wow fence 7 and the shadows would get us! Not that I do cross country lol but pretty sure Henry has issues with light dark stuff.

    Congrats on doing so well! Hope tomorrow goes great!

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