Monday, August 12, 2013

Harmony Horse Trials Final Report

Alayne and Cayden - taking Prelim by storm!
  It was a sweet sweet victory (not quite but in our eyes) for Alayne and Cayden as she rode a beautiful clear round to hold her placing and finish second in the Open/SR Prelim division.  She won a gorgeous saddle pad and $175 - not too bad at all.  This just coming off her win at Oakhurst a few weeks ago, I must say these two are on fire right now.  The sky certainly is the limit, and I could not be a more proud friend!  They even got to do a victory gallop after the awards, what a fun show and a rare treat for us one dayers!

  Penny and I were not so lucky.  We had a good warm up but the few fences on course were a disaster and we had 2 rails at jump 2 and 3.  We were just not on the same page - still trying to figure each other out and I was certainly not riding her the best I could have.  After our second rail we became more of a team and the course flowed much better.  It will take some time and lessons for me to learn to ride Penny.  I have to put behind me all the baggage I have from being defensive with Archie and just let her do her thing - she knows what she is doing.  With the two rails we finished 15th, and I would be lying to say I wasn't disappointed.  I know we could have done so much better, our dressage score really limited how much we could improve over the two days and I am just happy that I know it was just one of those days where you have a bad test.  You have to put it behind you and move forward.

  Overall we had a great time.  The venue was excellent, the courses were lovely, the people friendly, and to be honest I can't for the life of me figure out why I never entered at Harmony before.  We will definitely be coming back next year to redeem ourselves, and enjoy a relaxing weekend eventing in Quebec.  

  Thank you so much for all the kind words of encouragement and wishes of good luck.  We both made it home safely, had fun and learned a few things along the way.  That is what it is all about, afterall ;)



  1. Glad you had fun - big congrats to your friend Alayne! Prelim is some tough stuff, so that's quite an accomplishment.

  2. So fun!!! You look great and you and Penny are doing awesome for such a short time together!

  3. I thought she had come in first on instagram, forgot you are in Canada and red is first!

    It's hard to transition between horses and riding them completely different ways, at least you got out there and tried!

    1. haha yeah...all of the Americans will think she is the winner! hehe Thanks :)

  4. I thought she was the winner too :) You and Penny will figure each other out. The fact that you are out there competing after owning her such a short time is great in my eyes!

  5. Sounds like even with the end results that it was a lovely weekend. I think you and Penny will be getting on in no time!

  6. I love your attitude!!!! A winner, for sure.


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