Monday, August 19, 2013

Touch A Rainbow Horse Trials #2 of the Summer

  Yesterday TTE headed back to Touch A Rainbow Horse Trials for their second event of the season.  Penny and I, Pam and Winston, and Alayne with her clients green horse Paige.  We thought we were in for a treat with a later start then normal, not pulling out with the bus until 6:45.  However, our morning was not as relaxed and care free as we would have hoped...

  Around 7am Alayne pulled into my driveway, hopped out of her truck and said to me "We have a big problem".  Just as the words came out of her mouth and she pointed to her tire, I could hear the air hissing out at an alarming rate.  "My tire is leaking air - big time".  Ok, time to call Scott.  Luckily it wasn't too early in the morning, I called my parents to no avail, hoping they would have a spare or some sort of solution for us.

  We decided to load Penny and my things up and head over to their house, thankfully they are only a short drive away.  We pulled in and my dad came out to fix us up.  The rim was bent somehow, and air was leaking out that way.  He took a sledge hammer and banged the rim back into place, told us to fill it up and we would be fine.  We got in the truck and assured ourselves that he knew what he was talking about.  He races cars, they do this sort of thing on the track all the time....don't they?

shape is improving...
  We called the event and told them we wouldn't be there in time for our first ride, they generously said that was fine and we could ride whenever we arrived and were ready.  What great hosts!  I managed to have just enough time to tack up and have a decent warm up.  Penny warmed up well.  I wasn't sure what to expect after the disastrous test last weekend but she felt good.  I went to walk around the ring before I went in and she spooked at the table cloth flapping on the judges booth.  I wanted to walk her by so I wouldn't have any issues in the ring, but the judge insisted I not make an issue with it and just head down the long side and hope she doesn't notice in the ring (ya right).  I didn't want to upset the judge so I just turned around and she blew the whistle and into the ring I went.

Im good?

  The test started off feeling fabulous and we scored a 7 for our entrance.  Unfortunately, and not shockingly, Penny spooked at the flapping cloth again and wouldn't go right to C.  The test from about M and H to A was great, anything closer to C and the flapping table cloth was not pretty.  We made up marks on the other movements and I was really happy with how she went in those areas.  When she finally got over her spookiness, I rode a nice trot into the corner from M to C.  I was concentrating so hard on getting her over there I forgot I was supposed to walk 3-7 steps in the corner - doh! -2 for a blonde moment.  Overall I was really happy with the test.  She was very soft and rideable, a polar opposite from last weekend.  The flapping table cloth we can easily work on.  We ended up with a 64.5 ( a 43 on a US score) and I was happy with that.  10 penalty point improvement in a week - whoo!

  Stadium was a fun and challenging course.  There was not a single clear round in our division of 9 riders.  Sadly, I had 2 rails - all total pilot error.  I just did too much coming into the line for fences 2 and 3 and Penny was just like -ahhh I can't jump like this!  Hearing the second jump come down I though frig, I need to let this horse do her thing...and then she jumped around beautifully while I tried my best to balance her but stay out of her way.  Hopefully I will learn this before fences start to fall next time.

  Cross country was a total blast.  Since we have jumped around that course together before I wasn't worried about any of the fences.  I wanted to use the round as a confidence builder and work on pace and control and me not interfering too much.  It was fun and easy, a great end to the day.  We jumped clear within the secure a 6th place finish.  Go Penny!

one sleepy lady

 Alayne had a great day also, winning the Pre Entry Open on her clients horse Paige, and Pam was second in a big Entry division in Winstons second going Entry.  Putting the drama of the morning behind us, it was an awesome day after all.  Go TTE!

Alayne and Paige in the red!

Pam and Winston showing off their loot!


  1. Good job! Sounds like you guys are figuring each other out :)

  2. Great job! Sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. Wow awesome job to everyone! Those ribbons are great!

  4. Congrats. The day sure did end well!! Those ribbons are so cool.


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