Saturday, August 3, 2013

William Does Cross Country

Ready to have some fun!

 William has been a busy boy this month.  I took him over to Abydos stables last night after work and met up with my friend Alayne and a few of her students and boarders.  Abydos has some awesome show jumps and they just recently started building a cross country course, with hopes of holding a mini event there.  They had a jumper show last weekend so their courses were set and we figured what a perfect time to go school some fun stuff.

 William has only ever done cross rails away from home so I was a bit nervous to see how he would react to their fences.  They have a lot of variety and bright colours, including a bright pink and white set of fences known as the "candy cane" jumps.  William was super in the jumper ring, really brave and popped over everything at about 2'3".  He is still needing work on his canter and balancing.  He has a lot of push from the hind end so his body can get very wiggly when we are jumping.  Getting a good distance tends to be hit and miss.  I chalk this up to him being young and green and hopefully our flat work will sort his canter out over time.
  Once we had a good warm up over the show jumps we headed out to the cross country field.  William popped over every single fence on first approach and was a very brave pony.  I am trying to show him he can gallop out and be nice and forward in the field but he still wants to remain a bit too collected for my liking on cross.  I know this will improve in time as his canter improves.  He took a good look at the little ditch and I had to get off to lead him over and show him there were no horse eating ogres in there.  After he walked over it in hand, I got back on and he had no problem launching himself over.  I went back and forth over the ditch until he stepped over it like it was no big deal.

  We did end up getting a good flowing strong canter going so I aimed him at some of the bigger Entry level fences and he flew over them nicely out of stride like he had been doing it his whole life!  I was so proud of my little chestnut man, he blew my expectations out of water.  He was brave, attentive, and kept his head together while there were several horses galloping around and jumping.  A mission success! 

  I can hear the start box calling our name..


  1. Go William!! Sounds like lots of fun! :)

  2. Woot woot! That is awesome!! William rocks!

  3. Good for William - so much potential!

  4. Yay!! What a good boy. He sounds like a really fun horse.


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