Thursday, August 1, 2013

William Does Dressage Again - With Video

  The weekend before last was Williams third dressage show, a schooling show at Glamorgan Farm.  We again entered in the Walk Trot only, not feeling %100 confident in his canter right now.  Although he is going well, he is at a bit of an unbalanced stage and is cross cantering now and then on the left rein.  I think he might be growing again and as I have been working on the adjustability of the canter, I think I have thrown his legs all out of whack.

  Walk Trot is good for him, he is offended easily and it's much better to have a confidence booster for this guy then to put the pressure on away from home.  This is the part I don't like about Warmbloods.  William is 3/4 Thoroughbred but so much Trakehner comes out in him, it seems to be the really dominant breed.  The plus side is we get some fancy movement :)

dressage poneh
  I was really happy with Williams warm up, although it was short and sweet.  A horse got loose after getting away from someones poor boyfriend groom and tore around the property right before I was going to get on.  It set William off a bit but he was a really good boy and quieted right down after we continued on with our warm up.

  We did three tests each getting progressively better.  He became more relaxed, more attentive and his paces improved.   He scored a 64, 66, and a 68 on his last test! Although there is still a lot to work on in terms of connection and contact, I was really happy with how William rode that day.  He brought home three blue ribbons to add to his collection for this year.  Looking forward to doing more with him, and hopefully he will be ready to hit an event in the fall.

sausage horse

  We are going schooling at Abydos Farm tomorrow, they have their jumper ring all set and they also have a few cross country fences.  It will be our first time jumping something other than cross rails off property so I am excited to see how he handles it.  Future event horse?  I am hoping...



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