Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Road to the OHTA Championships Part 1

For the first time in many years, I decided to enter the Ontario Horse Trials Associate (OHTA) Championships Event.  This year, the event was held at beautiful Cedar Run farm in Blue Mountain.  I have never been to this event, and it is by the furthest one from us that we have attended now (about 4 hours).

 I was off Friday so I had a jumping lesson with Rick in the am, then went home to pack and organize before we left.  Bought some snacks, hit the LCBO then headed over to Alaynes for 3 to load up and hit the road.  We left her farm just before 4pm and headed towards Blue Mountain.

  From there we were heading to Woodbine race track to drop off a horse that Alayne had in for starting.  Always a dangerous stop to make with an empty spot on the many beautiful Thoroughbreds to be seen!  The horse unloaded and went to his stall at the track without issue and we were back on the road, but not without our own little mishap heading our way.

 Warning, this section is NSFW (Not Suitable for Work).  So, as we are cruising on the 401 hwy, I see a man driving a blue Cavalier driving along beside my window.  I notice he is grinning at me in a strange way but I think nothing of it and continue on with my conversation with Alayne.  About 2 minutes later, Alayne looks over at me says "Tori, is this guy beside me jerking off or am I just imagining this.".  I just look at her - "what?".  It can't be.  No.  I look out over her and there is the guy, in the blue Cavalier, looking up at us grinning...with his junk out - and he is sure as hell pleasuring himself to his hearts desire.  "Ahhh!  What the fuck!!".  I jump back to my seat and reach for my phone to take a picture but the stupid camera app won't open.  No!  Why is this happening....I finally stick my phone out over Alayne and he takes one look at it and slams on the brakes....and we leave him in the dust.  Frig, I try and look for him but he must have been hiding behind the trailer.  I wanted to call the cops, but I had nothing.  Not even a plate number.  He disappeared. Fail!

 We pretty much just sat there in disbelief and disgust for the next hour of the drive.  Was this the start to our weekend? I know it was Friday the 13th and all, but this was too much.  Our poor virgin eyes eventually recovered, and we made it to Cedar Run around 9:30 pm.  It was cold and windy when we got there.  I had my winter jacket on.  Someone stole our stalls so we had to steal someone else's.  The new stalls were better though, blocked from the wind at least.  We realized we forgot shavings, and there was no one around to sell us some.  In true TTE style, we took the dirty shavings and hay out of the trailer and bedded our stalls.  Nice and ghetto, just the way we like it.

 My mom had this great idea to bring a space heater and plug it in and keep it in the trailer if we could find a power source.  We lucked out and found an outlet, and what a savior the heater was, because it was chilly chilly that weekend!  Since we were not tired yet from our lattes on the drive up, we decided to do another late night course walk in the dark.  This time we found the start box right away.  The Prelim course was definitely up to Championships standard.  From what we saw the fences were not overly technical, but boy were they BIG!  Pre Training was yet again - small and boring looking.

 The Pre-Training Course (for Penny and I)

cute little combination

tiny ditch

after the first water

heading into the second water

love the water!

my favorite jump on course to ride!

The Prelim Course (for Alayne and Cayden)



even bigger

2 angled bursh oxers a la Rolex style

A lot of riders were stressing over this 4 stride.  Many had issues here.


Angled birch logs


decent sized ditch

into the first water

let up fence?

up the big hill in the Grand Prix ring

down the hill to a big brush


yet another massive table

and another

jump into second water

jump in water

Angled skinny brushes

 Part 2 coming up!


  1. That guy sounds gross! Totally the best way to teach them to not do that.

  2. Awesome course. Strange start to a promising trial.


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