Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Water Dogs, Soggy Dogs!

  Last week I was feeling guilty that Penny and I got to go to the beach and the poor dogs have been stuck at home running around the farm (ya not really feeling THAT bad).  The weather has been hot and humid and so it was decided that the dogs deserved a beach adventure of their own.

  Broo Broo is an amazing swimmer, can swim way out into the waves and will swim swim swim until you call him to shore.  Bentley is a good swimmer too, but Ozzy is still figuring the whole thing out.  I was looking for a life jacket for him when I spotted one at Home Sense on clearance for $15.  It's an Outward Hound which I have heard is a decent brand so I figured what the hay I will get it and if it doesn't work keep looking.

  Lucky for me it fit him nicely and did the trick.  Ozzy was able to swim way out into the waves with Broo broo and float around while trying to steal a stick from Broo or Bentley.  Once he was back on the shore he would roll roll roll and get covered in sand head to toe - not too pleased with his new personal floatation device.  Too bad Ozzy, you didn't drown and that's what's important to us dog owners lol.

 I think they had a blast and were three very tired puppies when they got home.  A fun evening at the beach!

serious air time for the Ozzinator.

Broo in his element.

pooched pups.


  1. Herbie's Outward Hound life jacket was the best thing we ever bought her.

  2. Fred has an outward bound life jacket too. He doesn't seem to mind it much, but he's not real thrilled about water. Beach running is a whole different story though. It looks like the pups had a great day!

  3. Oh yeah, Ryker will fetch his water frisbee for hours at a time. I wear out after two hours. When we get home he goes straight for his ball and starts shoving it at me :) Crazy Aussie!

  4. My dogs love the beach too. These pictures make me smile.

  5. I love how you can see the enjoyment on their faces :)

  6. It looks like you have three ecstatic pups! There's nothing like a good play session in the water to make a dog wag!

  7. happy to hear the good reviews on the outward hound!


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