Wednesday, September 25, 2013

William and Parker Update

Farm manager Ozzinator
Things have been pretty busy around the farm.  Thankfully my husband is home again so the work load has lightened, and I have been eventing steadily nearly every weekend for the last two months.  Because of this, I am riding two horses a night which doesn't leave much time for writing....cue sad face.

 I usually ride Penny every night, minus her days off, and alternate William and Parker every other day.  Parker has now had just over a full year off to recover from life on the track.  He is happy, healthy, and very sound.  His foot has completely healed and he is ready to start learning.  So far things have been going really well with him.

  William and I have been working on going into the contact better.  He still wants to shorten his neck and set his head without actually going into the bit.  I changed him to a happy mouth full cheek which he seems to like.  I am not sure if we will make it to an event this year.  Although I would really really like to get him out, time is ticking and I don't want to push him before he is ready.  I have started jumping him a bit more, I just can't put this off any longer if I want him to event next year.  Time to get his butt into gear with gymnastic work.

 This week we did a little figure eight exercise.  We jumped our biggest jump - 2"9 - Woot - go William!

 Parker is working solely on steady contact and rhythm, learning how to circle and go straight.  So far things have been pretty easy with him and he is a joy to ride.  Still very green but a lot of potential!  I have taken him over a few cross rails and he seems to enjoy them.  Last night I took him out on the cross country course to see what he thought.  He easily stepped over everything tiny, going boldy over them the first time.  I see a lot of potential in this horse.  So much fun!

Fly Parky bear fly!

2'3 jump wayyyyy too small for 17.1 horse


  1. I can see your days and evenings are very full and fun! Love the Ozzinator!

  2. So busy!! Sometimes its good to be too busy to blog though :)

  3. Busy riding two horses a night is a good kind of busy :)


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