Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Equestrian Bucket List - Hunter Princess Blog Hop

  Julie at Little Bay Princess is hosting a blog hop!  O.K, I know I am NOT a hunter princess but it is fun to play along.  She asked the question:

{"I want to hear about your equestrian bucket list! I think we all have things, whether they be on paper or in our head, that we would love to do someday. Pick three that are horse related, and tell me a little about them."}

1. Compete at a 4* event.  

  Some might think this a pipe dream, but this is my focus and long term goal %100, day in and day out.  Rolex would be great of course, but I would actually rather ride around Badminton or Burghley.  I have 4 horses right now, all with unknown potential, but I am on track to taking each of them how far they can go.  All I can do is work my ass off, and hope one of them is the horse to take me there.

2. Train William to Grand Prix in Dressage. 

  This is a new goal for me.  Realizing this horse has what it takes to make it to the upper levels of dressage is really exciting.  I'm not concerned with competing, but I would like to train him to the Grand Prix level.  I am committed to the 10 + years it may take, I know it's a hard and very long road ahead, but it is something I would really love to accomplish.

2. Make a video just like this. 

  This girl has it all.  Mad skills, trust, balance, and one spectacular horse.  Not sure which horse it will be, but I will be trying to have my own free jumping just as impressive some day.

 It's a big bucket list...that's just how I roll.

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  1. All great goals!! And holy smokes! That video was impressive :) Wow, just wow! And I like that she still wore a helmet :)

  2. Your bucket list is like whoa. Do it all - I want to read about it!

  3. I'm not a hunter princess either. Blog title just refers to my "privileged" mare. ;)

    1. (The Hunter Princess blog hops are Lauren's @ She Moved to Texas.)

    2. oh no! Thanks for the correction, I will fix it :)

    3. Haha, no... It's my blog hop. But it's just a stand alone blog hop. Totally separate from the Hunter Princess blog hop, which Lauren puts on.

    4. oh dear...I will get it right lol


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