Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Helping Valiant - A Starved and Neglected OTTB

  I am coming to my Blogger friends to ask for help in a cause I am a big supporter of.  A friend of mine has rescued an off the track Thoroughbred, Valiant, who was on deaths doorstep when she found him.  Valiant arrived into her care in horrible shape.  Much worse than was expected.  With great care, support, and time, he is slowly making his way to become a healthy and safe horse.  The first hurdles and probably the hardest have almost passed.  His first real feedings, his first vet visit, his first foot trimming, worming, etc.  He has already started to gain weight and his coat is beginning to shine.

  Valiant's cause is being supported by the Animal Alliance of Canada.  Indiegogo is a fundraising website where you can look for donations and support from those who share your passions and concerns.  Val is set up on Indigogo, they are looking to raise $5,000 to help with the initial care.  So far, $3,800 has been raised in our local community, along with many donations such as blankets, halters, grain, etc.  Val's owners are good people who are not rescuing a horse without the funds to do so.  The money raised just makes life a bit easier on those who are helping, and can ensure Val receives the utmost care for the next year while he is still recovering from his severe neglect.

 If you would like to donate, even $5 will help Val.  

{His Indiegogo link is here: Help Valiant - A Starved Former Race Horse.}

Pictures of the start of Vals recovery, WARNING: Graphic images which may upset some viewers.

On the day he arrived.

I just can't even comment on this picture...

Taken just last week:

  I ask if you can, to please share this post and if it is possible for you, to donate as little as $5.  Just reading this post has brought awareness to what is out there, and what can be done to help the horses we love so much who are more often than not forgotten after their life at the track.

Thank you for reading.  If you wish to follow Val's story on Facebook, you can do so here:

**Photo credits to Susan Dall, Karen Meder Whitfield, and Andrea Varep Harrison.


  1. Poor guy! I shared this and I hope he gets what he needs, he looks like a sweet guy.

  2. OMG. I don't think I've ever seen a horse that skinny before. Bless your friend for helping him.

    1. Left $5. Not very much but I hope you reach your goal quickly!

    2. Thank you!!! Every little bit helps!

  3. Poor guy. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery. Spreading the word as we speak...

  4. Some people really suck. Lucky for Val, not all of them do. Huge kudos to your friends for saving this guy - special place in heaven for them.

  5. Aye! Glad you guys are helping! I will give $5 and share!

  6. Oh my! :'( Glad he's getting the simple care he so deserves. I like to think the tongue pic is his way of expressing himself about the "care" he received, a sort of neener neener if you will. :-) I'll share and check out the link when I'm on a desktop.

  7. Oh gosh. That is just terrible. We'll get on this

  8. Thank you so much Tori and friends - talk about a special community ... <3


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