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How To Be Economical When Looking After Your Horse Through Winter - Guest Post from Fairfield Sales

  {I've been lucky enough to share another great guest post with my readers.   This post ties right in with my Farm Girl Friday edition on stall mats I did a few weeks back. This time we are let in on some money saving tips this winter! } 

How To be Economical When Looking After Your Horse Through Winter

If you are a horse owner you may be worrying about the coming winter and the additional costs it brings when taking care of your horse. The rising costs of feed, bedding and equipment all adds up, making you wonder if keeping your horse is actually financially feasible. There are however, a few adjustments you can make to keep the costs down so you don’t have to worry. 

Buy Your Winter Feed Early

The closer it gets to winter the more expensive hay and other feed gets, doubling or even tripling in price. By buying it early on you could save an enormous amount of money that would otherwise be wasted, and leaving more money to spend elsewhere. By buying a large amount of it you can be fully prepared for the winter and even if you end up with more than you need, you could even sell some of it off to make a profit yourself. 

Another way to save on feed is to buy in bulk, and not just through winter. If this isn’t feasible for you, chipping in with a few other horse owner friends and splitting the feed between you will work out much cheaper than buying smaller amounts more frequently.

Install Rubber Matting 

Rubber matting is a great way to save on bedding for your horse; as the colder weather draws in you want to ensure that there is enough insulation and material between the cold floor and your horse. Historically you may have used large amounts of straw and shavings, however by installing rubber matting, you are already putting an insulating and comfortable layer between them. Because of this you no longer need to use the usual large amounts of bedding, using much smaller amounts instead. 

The amount of bedding you buy will be greatly reduced, so your overall costs will already be well on their way to being much lower than usual. 

Negotiate Your Medical Bills 

When it comes to the care of your horse you should never try to skip out on appointments; not only is this irresponsible of you, it could end up costing you much more in the future. The health of your horse is extremely important, and making sure you can afford its healthcare is an essential part of caring for and keeping a horse – it’s not something you can afford to fall behind on. 

When it comes to medical, dentistry and farrier bills there are ways to negotiate. Why not get a group of other horse owners together and negotiate a price with the vets, dentists and farriers. They may accept a cheaper price for regular visits from the group; this can then be split between you all, meaning everyone wins. 

Look After Your Equipment 

Take care of all of your equipment and horse gear making sure you clean everything regularly. By ensuring that everything is well looked after, the lifespan of these products is likely to be much longer, meaning you don’t have to spend money on new gear. 

You may notice that you have spares of certain equipment, or pieces that you don’t need. Why not sell them on or organise a swap meet, where other horse owners can swap equipment and pieces you may need for something they need? This is a great way to make friends, have a great day and also save you some money. 

By following these few adjustments and top tips you can save yourself money in the run up to winter and the rest of the year too! There is no need to skip out on quality of care just because you are looking to cut costs. 

This post was written by Ekta Mair who realised she was spending extortionate amounts on her horse when it wasn’t needed, and found some great money saving ideas. She recommends Fairfield Sales for high quality rubber matting at affordable prices. 

 {This has been a guest post -  Legit though - check out the site Fairfield Sales - there are some really neat products on there, great stuff for the farm and riding in general.  A big thanks for the guest poster for supporting the equine blogging community!}.


  1. Hi guys! I saw your name on the Christmas card list so thought I stop by and say hi! I don't know any horses either so this is way cool. Mom says she learned about an at home worm test for horses that can save money too on yearly worming. Its Love Dolly

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