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Show Tips - How To Prepare For A Show - Guest Post from Science Supplements!

Quite often I get the request to allow a guest poster on my blog. I agreed to let Science Supplements Ltd share their thoughts on preparing for a show. Since we are all going through a bit of horse show withdrawal, I thought you might enjoy it. Thank you to Science Supplements Ltd for taking the time to write this post and also supporting equestrian bloggers.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Horse For Show Time

Since time began, horses have played their own key role in civilisation and now, play host to some of the world’s most spectacular equestrian events.

Historically, equestrian sports have heralded military horsemanship, speed, agility and training as well as hunting and rodeos all around the world. On both an amateur and professional level, the relationship between a rider and their horse is central to their sporting success and whilst the demands of their sport may differ, the care, attention and preparation hold key similarities.

Professional Advice

Whether you own or loan your horse, it’s important that you acquire the expertise of a trusted and reputable equine nutrition specialist. With their extensive knowledge, they will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the care and diet of your horses, as well as ways to enhance performance with beneficial and natural supplements.

So whether you are gearing your horse for the race of their life, bracing your horse for a show jumping spectacular or competing in the elegant and elite world of dressage, what things can you do to prepare your horse for show time?

#1 – Grooming

For a stunning show ready horse, proper and effective grooming must be carried out all year round. An immaculate coat and mane is one that is healthy and glossy, giving an extra shine when competing.

As well as looking beautiful on the eye, regular grooming increases health, the strength and shine of the horse’s coat, as well as creating an emotional bond between rider and their horse. Be sure to comb out 
dirt, tend to hooves and brush their mane and tail to stimulate hair growth.    

#2 – Diet

A critical element to your horse’s well-being, it can be difficult to make sure your horse is eating the right feeds and nutrients. Horses can consume up to 2.5% of their body weight in dry feed every day. Forage or ‘roughage’ consists of hay, grasses and legumes.

This forms a large part of a horses diet providing a source of protein and fibre needed for strength and muscle development.  With added concentrates such as grains, pellets and supplements (see next point), you can ensure your horse is ready come show day.

#3 – Supplements

Supplements allow a greater level of performance, safety and control of your horse. Many horses’ and ponies can become stressed or anxious affecting their ability to perform to their potential. Calming supplements allow riders to manage anxiety as well as reduce the risk of injury to their horse from stress and anxiety.

Calming agents allow horses to manage difficult situations, such as clipping, travelling or shoeing. Made from natural ingredients, equestrian sports has a strong hold of the allowed and illegal substances that can be used across many events so be sure to take the advice and guidance from a reputable equine supplement specialist.

By keeping a watchful eye of these three points, you can make sure you and your horse are ready to perform to the best of your ability, as well as improving the general well-being of your equine companion.

Phil Warrington, a young horse trainer, looks at three simple steps you can take to ensuring you and your horse are ready to compete on showday. For equine nutrition supplements you can trust, he recommends Science Supplements Ltd; a trusted equine nutrition supplement supplier for a range of equestrian events.

 {This has been a guest post supplied by the great people at Science Supplements Ltd.}  


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