Monday, December 9, 2013

The Up and Up

Willy man at my moms farm

 Things have been a bit crazy here in the last week or so.  I had to go into hermit mode last week while I studied for an Insurance exam (for work).  Now that that is over, I can get back to my normal horse life routine that includes lots of riding, wine, and blogging!

  A few weeks ago I moved Penny, Parker, and William to my parents farm for the winter.  My two year old Liam came here and is now living here with my new boarder Mia, and the pony Sugar for the winter.  Thankfully, my mom agreed to let me board at her farm and have use of the arena for the winter.  This has already been a total life saver for me!  With the crazy weather we have been having (like everyone in the world at the moment) I would have maybe gotten a handful of rides in at home, IF that.  I've been able to ride two horses a day almost every day now.  Progress is being made, the depression of looming winter of no riding has passed. Yay!

  My daily routine now involves me getting up at 5:15am, heading to my parents, feeding, changing blankets, turn out, clean stalls.  Head home, feed, turn out and clean stalls at home.  Go to work 8:30-4:30.  Once home I head over to my parents and turn in, ride 2 horses, put them to bed.  Come home, bring in the horses here and feed, put them to bed.  Makes for a busy day but I actually feel less tired and that I have more free time.  Strange how these things work.

Penny is semi impressed

  My boarder and friend Jess has also been riding Parker a bit.  This is a huge help as I have three horses to work all winter, and 4 if you count Liam as I have started backing him.  Parker is being a super guy.  He is really playful when you ride him but not in a dangerous way.  She wants to show him in the hunters next year and they are a good fit.  She is pretty tall, and compared to me who is 5'2, she is a better fit for him visually.

  Penny and William have both been going exceptionally well.  I am really pleased with how things are progressing with them both and things are looking promising for the spring.  Our goal this winter is to improve and solidify our dressage work with a bit of jumping in between.  At the end of December we have Jessica Phoenix coming to my parents place to give a clinic, so we are all pretty excited about that.

Parker almost ready to go

Jess and Parker
  At home, my husband has returned home for Christmas from his duty.  He will be going back to the other side of the country in the new year for a few months.  My dogs have all been behaving and the Christmas cards have started to roll in from the pet blogger card exchange we are a part of.  I'm so glad I joined in this year, it's really fun to open the mail and see the adorable cards and doggie faces that grace them.

 Things are falling back into routine, I'm getting ready for the holidays coming up.  Feeling much better about winter right now.  Hopefully it stays this way!

Cutest card!

Ozzy helping me model the hat I won from Horze courtesy of Adventures With Shyloh!


  1. Your blog is one of the ones I thought I had in my RSS reader because I had followed it in Blogger, but I didn't. I apologize! Your situation sounds ideal for the winter - anything that makes winter more bearable is a good thing!

  2. Glad you have the option with an indoor arena in your snowy northland!

  3. Lots of dog christmas cards sounds like a ton of fun! Enjoy the season with your hubby

  4. I have been finding this time of year so crazy too! Hope you get into a nice routine. Enjoy the wine.

  5. That's crazy busy! But glad you have an arena to ride your horses in. . . this is my first winter arena-less.

  6. Sigh, sadly I'm going in the other direction, having to bring Gracie home to the land of no arena because Lauren's closed the barn. Whaaaaah! Oh well, on these really cold days I don't feel so bad, haha. Need more pics/video of Parker, haha!! ;-)

  7. Sounds like busy but satisfying days. Im happy for you that your husband is back.


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