Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Wore It Best?

  I might have a *slight* love affair with the Rambo Newmarket Stable blanket collection.  Four different colour style options.  They come in a simple stable sheet or a 200 gm stable rug.  You can also get this style in a thick fleece cooler, and a medium weight turn out Wug - which are rare and so cute!

  Every night I put the horses to bed and I wonder - who wore it best?

rambo newmarket, rambo stable rug, newmarket rug, whitney rug

  William is especially good looking with 4 inches of mud caked onto his face.  These horses really just make me laugh every day.

not impressed

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pan Am Penny

  If you follow your countrys' National Teams at all, you may know the Pan American Games are coming to Toronto in 2015.  Toronto is pretty close to us at just over a 2 hour drive.  It was pretty exciting news when Toronto was granted with the games, because that meant we could watch the Equestrian Events in person!  Eventing Championships? I think so....

From the Pan Am Games Toronto website:

"About the Pan American Games
The Pan American Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games; they are only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games.
The first Pan American Games were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1951 and the inaugural Parapan American Games were held in Mexico City in 1999. Both the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are held every four years for the athletes of the 41 PASO member nations, in the year preceding the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.
While the Pan Am Games have been hosted in a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Canada has had the honour of hosting them twice; in 1967 and 1999 and both times in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
In 2015, Toronto will be the proud Host City of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games."
  A few months back I saw a posting looking for good Showjumping horses for the Modern Pentathlon portion of the games.  I am somewhat familiar with this sport thanks to CoTH.  There is always a lot of talk about the Showjumping portion of this when the Olympics are on.  If you are not familiar with the Modern Pentathlon, it is quite the sport.  I also think if you are a decent rider and good at the other portions - you may have a good advantage in this sport! It works sort of like the University teams, where the riders draw a horse and get some time to work it then away they go.  All the riders have not ridden these horses before. I won't get into the details too much because I am a total noob regarding this but Wikipedia says;
 "The modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport that comprises five events: fencing, 200 m freestyle swimmingshow jumping, and a final combined event of pistol shooting, and a 3200 mcross-country run.[1] The sport has been a core sport of the Olympic Games since 1912, and since 1949 an annual World Championship has been held.

Originally the competition took place over four or five days; however in 1996 a one-day format was adopted in an effort to be more audience-friendly"
  There is more info on Wiki if you care to read.  Anyways, back to the story!  I saw this post looking for horses and submitted Pennys' info.  The courses are 3'3 to 3'6 and they require horses that are good jumpers and trustworthy.  I sent the application with the videos requested and pretty much forgot about it.  Then about a month ago I received an e-mail saying Penny was selected for further review and they wanted additional videos and information on her character and how she rides, etc.  I replied with the requested information and then just waited.
  Two weeks ago I received this email;
 It's official!  Miss Pen will be going to the Pan American games in Toronto next summer as a Modern Pentathlon Showjumper.  I am excited in so many ways.  Just even being able to attend will be an experience but to have my horse there hopefully helping some athlete possibly win a medal is pretty fun to think about!  She could be ridden by someone from any one of the countries attending!  I have a lot to learn about the sport and Penny and I will be focusing on her showjumping all spring and summer to make sure she is 100% on her game and ready for this.  Not only that but I think we may be stabled with the other Equestrian athletes at the site, so we can rub shoulders with the *Big Guns* and maybe learn a thing or two while we are there!
  Needless to say things around the blog might be a little exciting next summer!  From now on I shall refer to her as Pan Am Penny :p Can't wait for this adventure!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from A Filly's Best Friend

  Wishing you and your family the happiest Christmas time this season.  Best Wishes from me and the gang at A Filly's Best Friend.  Happy Holidays x

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dirk Gets Backed Too

 I last posted about Olivers first ride, but Oliver wasn't the only one we backed that day.  Aimee asked in the comments how Dirk was doing, and it was perfect timing for my next post!  Dirk is still just a baby, but he wasn't handled much at all until I got him.  I have done a lot of ground work with him, and he has worn a saddle, but I haven't done anything too formal.

 Since he is just under two, he is too young in my eyes for anything serious, but I do think it's a good idea to have him backed before he gets too big and it's farther to fall lol.  Jessica and I were out in the field playing with the horses and she said she would get on Dirk since she was already geared up for it from backing Oliver.  I just grabbed a halter and a set of reins  and we led him over to the fence.  We practiced her leaning on him first and he was spooky at the noise her jacket was making from rubbing up against his blanket.  So of course in true Jessica fashion she jumps up and down 20 times rubbing herself against him until he stops caring lol.  

 I then give her a leg up onto him to lay over his back and he does these hilarious little humps and throws her into the air onto her feet.  All is good, she has her helmet and vest on and we just laugh at his little baby humps.  Next time I give her a leg up onto his back and he moves forward but accepts her.  She slowly puts her leg over his side, then sits up.  All good.  We give him lots of pats and scratches and tell him he's a good boy.  After a few minutes we try him for a little walk around the field.

 So the little baby has had someone on him and went for his first little ride.  This guy is just a little ham. He is really enjoying his life here being pampered.  He loves to come in at night and have his nice warm stable rug put on, and get a brush.  He's such a little sweetie, I just love my golden baby.  As you can see below it was clearly a stressful experience for him.

Miss Pen supervising

Dirk and Ollie playing :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Backing Oliver

  We've been pretty lucky this winter, the weather is co operating and I have been able to keep riding somewhat without having to trailer out other than to my jumping lesson once a week.  When the temperature is decent and my ring is still good I try to use the time as wisely as possible.

 As Oliver is unstarted, I wanted to get him going throughout the winter so in the spring we can just focus on schooling and getting him going properly.  A lot of people prefer to back horses in the summer with the belief that the extra heat makes them quieter, and the winter makes them much edgier.

 For me though, I figure might as well do it at the most difficult time, then it's all up hill here from there!  We had a really nice December day and decided we would do some more work with Oliver and see if we couldn't get him backed.  So far he has worn his saddle a few times and started lunging training which he has all taken in stride.  I have been trying to educate Nicole along the way on how to start horses so she can involved and also hopefully take some things away from this for the future.

 Jessica volunteered to be the first one on him and that was fine by me!  We tacked him up and headed to the ring.  Nicole took him around a few times both directions and worked on her in hand work.  Making him halt, backing up, moving off her hand away from her.  Oliver has such a good brain he just as he is told and takes everything in stride.  After that they headed over to the mounting block for the first mounting.  I had already done some laying across him and putting weight in the stirrup in his stall a few days earlier.

  I will let you judge for yourself!  Here he is with his first ride.  

 Could you possibly ask for a better greenie?  After this Jessica took him alone and walked around the ring, circles, and halts.  All no problem.  Then we took him and Parker for a ride down the driveway.  He just followed along and although his eyes were big, he didn't step wrong.

 It's always a bit worrying getting an unbroke horse who is a bit older, but it seems we made a good pick with Oliver.  I am excited for him and Nicoles future together, and happy to have an easy horse in the barn.  Lord knows I have enough difficult ones in my life!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Back On Track Giveaway Winner!

  It's been a busy time at home - organizing and executing our online auction, switching jobs, and getting ready for the holidays.  This results in lack of blogging - but today I have something very exciting to blog about so time must be made to plop in front of the Mac with a glass of wine.

 Without further ado - the winner of the Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps is achieve1dream!  She writes the blog Equestrian Journey.  Big congrats!  Shoot me an e-mail and I will get those wraps out to you! (jealoushe @ gmail . com).  I hope you and Chrome enjoy them!

  I can't thank you enough for all your sharing and support for the Weenie Eventers Silent Auction.  We surpassed our goal by eons - it was a huge success!  We are almost half way to our goal now and we are only one month in!  Looks like Kentucky is going to be a reality :)  Feels like a dream.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Weenie Eventer Auction Items Preview!

  It's a day filled with shopping - or rather window shopping for some of us.  I will join in on the fun of Black Friday and share a sneak peak at some of the fabulous auction items we will have up for grabs starting November 30th!

 We're already giving away a pair of these in my blog contest HERE, but you can grab some up for half the cost in our auction!  Back on Track Quick Wraps!

Don't forget to Like them on Facebook if you don't already!

  In need of a nice light fill, full neck turnout?  Looking for awesome colours, like TEAL and BLACK?  We have TWO Tuscany Turnouts up for auction, size 78 and 72! These are just stunning, and retail for over $189.00.  Graciously donated by Canadian Saddlery!  Visit them on Facebook!

Tis' the season for quarter sheets!  We have three of these also.  Two pony/cob size donated by Greenhawk Stirling - purple and blue!  

  Also donated by Greenhawk Stirling, NEW WITH TAGS - size small Kerrits full seat breech! Pictures do not do these justice!

 Plus, this stunning quarter sheet that is fleece lined, and waterproof!  Horse size, mauve, purple and brown accent plaid!  Generously donated by Riders Regalia!

Also donated by Rider's Regalia,  for the dressage lover in your family, you might fancy this superb Dressage canvas tote and coffee travel mug!

  If you love your horse magazines, we have a years subscription to Horse Sport and hat from our friends are Horse Canada Publications!

  Probably my favorite item - highly coveted - signed by none other than Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Lamaze.  A special Edition print of Hickstead, completed just after his passing.  Regularly goes in charity auctions for over $400.  Bidding starts at $75 on this special piece!  Kindly donated by the Ontario Equestrian Federation.

  If you struggle with nerves or fear when riding, you may be interested in the next item.  "Riding Out of Your Mind' Horse Sport Psychology, E-Book " Riding sport psychology audio book to help you conquer those fears!

  The final teaser I will leave you with - if you are planning on heading to the 2015 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in April 2015, we have your day passes!  TWO sets of 4 day ground pass admissions.  I have a feeling these will be popular :)

  These are just SOME of the great items we have!  Most have a very small minimum bid - and shipping anywhere in the world cheap is available!  Hope you can stop by when the bidding starts.  Tell your friends!  Once again, thank you to our supporters!  We hope you will enjoy following the Weenie Eventers along on our journey.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haynet Equestrian Blogger of the Year

  I have been a member of the Haynets' Equestrian Blogging site since the very beginning.  For those who aren't familiar with it, it is a Social Media site - where TONNES of horse blogs from all over the world are shared, and featured.  There are thousands of members now, and the topics of their equestrian blogs range from showing Icelandic ponies, to showjumpers, to those who keep horses at home and just starting out.  They feature blogs weekly and are very supportive.  There is also a horse care forum on the site.

 That being said, once a year they award the title of Equestrian Blogger of the Year.  This year there are 12 nominations, and I am surprised and thrilled that A Filly's Best Friend was chosen.  If you visit Haynet, you can see the list of bloggers nominated, and visit their blogs

 I would be honored to have your vote if you enjoy reading my blog.  Bragging rights and a nice hoodie from Haynet are on the line.

 Click here to be directed to the voting site.  I believe you can vote multiple times.

 Thanks for sticking around :) 

and just for kicks..... ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weenie Eventers Head to Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Challenge 2015 - Back on Track Giveaway!


  You may have seen some news floating around - that my friends and I are planning a trip down to Kentucky next year - and no not for Rolex (although we are going there too :) ).  I have for years, and I mean YEARS wanted to head to Kentucky to compete in the Midsouth Three Day Challenge.  Originally, I wanted to take my old event horse and do the Long Format Three day.  Then when I had Archie I wanted to take him in the Training Three Day if we ever made it to Training Level.  Now, with Penny, I want to take her to the Long Format Three day!

  A while back I had talked about it with some friends.  We thought about how fun it would be to make a team and head down.  Then, just a few months ago after the 2014 Midsouth Challenge ended, we started talking more seriously and decided that 2015 would be our year.  There are 4 of us, all with horses at relatively the same level.  We talked about options and decided the best bet would be to aim for Beginner Novice as a team - since we are all comfortable there and it's an achievable goal for the group.  

 Then, we started to get some ideas.  Why not do some fundraising to help with the cost?  Why not touch base with some media outlets and see if we can make something of this?  A bunch of adult amateurs trying to cross something exciting of their bucket list?  With the four of us brainstorming surely we could come up with some ideas!  All that we needed was a name.... I couldn't help but think of this CoTH thread and thus - the Weenie Eventers were born!

  Team members include myself - on either Parker or William, Dana on Archie - Dana has never evented, just Short Courses, and Archie has evented 3 seasons up to Pre Training successfully.  Katie (whom I bought Penny and Dirk from) and her OTTB mare Bella - who has evented Pre Training, and Erica and her mare Destiny - who have successfully competed at Entry level.

  We have set up a Go Fund Me Page here - Send Weenie Eventers to Midsouth!, where we can accept monetary donations.  The first fundraiser we are doing is a Silent auction on Facebook - and we have had some FABULOUS donations so far.  This auction is going to have some seriously nice horse and non horsey things at rock bottom prices!  Some of the items and their sponsors include:

1. Island Sea Glass Designs- 5 handmade pendants and chains, framed piece of seaglass art,2 seaglass/driftwood mobiles (total retail $230)

2. Taylor Made Photography -One hour photo session, 20 free photos of your choice on a CD with the option to purchase more. Belleville area.
3. Jonathan Taylor Farrier Services - 1 trim ($35 value). Northumberland/Quinte area.

4. Canadian Saddlery- 2 lightweight turnout blankets (retail $174.99 each), 2 Equisan H (retail $59.99 each), 2 Cornucrescine Hoof Dressing (24.95), 2 Ease Up (retail $39.99 each)
5. Rebecca Brown - 1 centered riding lesson
6. Dana Glass- Herbs for Horses Serenity supplement, Bobbys dressage bridle
7. Tori Myers- 2 schooling sessions at Catori Lane Stables, 2 entries to Catori Lane Stables Short Course
8. Katie Buxton- Ariat Pro Circuit show breeches, blue short sleeve short shirt
9. Erica Cobb- Ariat black cowboy boots
 10. Matthew's Auto- TBD
 11. PJ's Custom Embroidery- TBD
12. Kyla Ludlow- 2 blankets, bucket, jump stacks, saddle pad, 2 crops, purple gloves, bell boots, halter, 4 set of Professional Choice Boots
 13. Wilton Tack- Gift Certificates
14. Countrified Design- Christmas Ornaments
 15. If The Bonnet Fits- fly bonnet
16. Unbridled Charms- Brow band and bracelet
17. Lisa McGowan- StayOns Products
18. Tannery Lane Tack- 2015 Elise Genest
19. Painted Flanks- horse bum Xmas tree ornaments
20. Back On Track- quick wraps (retail $89.99)
21. Carly (Tori's sister)- Equine Super Diet retail $70
22. Horse Sport Mag- 1 year subscription and ball cap (total retail $50)
23. Courtyard Marriott Hotel- two 1 night stays
24. April Clay - 3 ebooks "Riding Out of Your Mind"
25. Greenhawk Stirling- Hurtta Cooling Dog Coat (retail $59.99), 2 pony size quarter sheets (retail $39.95 each), Kerrits Crossover Full Seat Breech (retail $159.95), Horse paint-by-number
26. Tim Horton's- gift set of 2 mugs and box of Orange Pekoe tea
 27. Peterborough Tack- TBD
28. Greenhawk Peterborough - Elation Supasoft boot socks (retail $10.99) & size 6 Thinsulate Winter riding mittens (retail $26.99)
29. MacDougall Insurance - 4 Belleville Bulls tickets (retail approx $80 total)
30. Durham Farmers County Co-op - two bottle of EQyss MicroTek anti fungal shampoo (retail $32.99) and two packages of Carr Day & Martin Under the Tail Wipe (retail $11.99)
31. Miron Valley Stables- 1 private riding lesson (value $48)www.mironvalleystable.caNR 32. Tropical Gardens Pet Shop, Belleville Ontario - owner to donate assorted gift basket, gift card or aquarium
 33. Alicia Macdonald - 17' Brown, Wintec Western Saddle with saddle pad

So - you can see how awesome this is going to be!  I know some might not agree with asking for funding for our trip - but it is a way for us to make this dream more achievable.  For those who donate and sponsor - we appreciate it SO much!  For those who choose not to - your emotional support is just as nice!

 In order to spread the word, and get our awesome sponsors as much bang for their buck as possible, I am giving away a set of Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps - from Greenhawk!  This is a $90 value, and invaluable to your horses legs.  We all know and love Back on Track products, and here is chance to get grabby hands on some for yourself, or maybe you can gift them to someone you love during the Holidays!

 To enter is simple - First - you must follow my blog - A Filly's Best Friend.  Please comment on how you follow - Bloglovin', e-mail, Google, etc.  Then enter the Rafflecopter and follow the instructions!  The more you share, the more chances you have to win!  Some options are mandatory.  Contest starts today - and ends when the auction ends - December 10th 2014.  Contest open to WORLDWIDE entrants!  Winner will be picked by random generation through Rafflecopter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

  I will be posting regular updates from the Team and Sponsors on the blog. There has already been a lot happening so I will have to do some catch up posts.  To say we have received an overwhelming amount of support is an understatement.  There is a lot for us to be excited about this year and we reach towards our goal of competing at Midsouth.

 Thanks for reading - and Good Luck!

Sincerly, The Weenie Eventers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sunday Baby Play Day

  We received a very light dusting of snow this weekend - but the temps were still far above zero.  The footing under the snow in the outdoor is actually perfect right now.  Soft but not sloppy.  I have been able to ride every night with the lights - it's keeping my spirits high and I have not yet started to regret the decision to leave the horses at home over the winter.  I will ride as much as possible without an arena, even if it means freezing my butt off!

 Sunday Nicole and I took the babies out for some work.  We put a saddle and bridle on Oliver for the first time and he literally did nothing but make a face for a few minutes like "what is this rubber thing in my mouth!?!".  He walked off with the saddle on and didn't even flinch, so perhaps he has worn one before.

  I put a saddle on Dirk for the first time also.  He just kind of looked at me like "WHY MOM WHY".  He stood really quietly in the cross tries while we got Oliver sorted, then we headed out to the ring.  Nicole worked on Oliver in hand, walking, halting, getting him to move off her hand behind the girth.  I just walked Dirk around and practiced some halts and backing up.  He spooked at the woods and reared up, and I let go of his rope.  Of course, he then ran off back to his field like a goof.  Parker tried to eat his saddle. I had to go back out there to catch him and bring him back to the ring.  Good sign - he did let me catch him. He then behaved much more civilized.

 It's a good thing I've started this boy early, I think waiting any longer and he will be too big to handle his shenanigans.  Overall though - I have to say he really is an excellent baby.  And what can be said about Oliver.  He didn't move a muscle when Dirk ran off and was a perfect gentleman in the ring.  This little horse is going to be stellar.  Look how cute he looks with his English tack on!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Welcome Oliver!

  Yesterday was an exciting day on the farm, it was the day Nicole got her very first horse!  A cute little 5 year old Registered Appaloosa gelding, who she named, Oliver.  Oliver hasn't done much in his 5 years of life.  He was purchased by a woman who shows Appies last year.  She is currently pregnant, without time to work with him.  He is a more forward type guy, with a nice big floaty trot - not exactly suitable for western pleasure.  He has a sweet, sweet demeanour, and with some work - I know this guy is going to make a perfect partner for Nicole for many years to come!

 Welcome Oliver to Catori Lane!  Hope you like it here :)

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