Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Libra Looking Ahead to 2014

   It's time to take a look back on my 2013 goals and see how amazing I was at NOT achieving them. Yay!  LOL

2013 Goals


 { Archie and I are set to make our Training debut.  I hope to event Training all season and finish all events successfully.  I would love to take home ribbons.  I mostly just want to get around safely.  In our training, I want to continue to pursue rideability and work on relaxation off property.  We need more work on straightness over fences.  Things are going great at home, we need to take that with us into the show ring.  Relaxation and eliminating tension is the key.  I hope to lesson regularly over fences and on the flat.  Hopefully schooling Prelim at the end of the year.}

  None of the above occurred.  I was very sad at first, then Penny came into my life.  My bestie took my horse to learn on and love forever and we all lived happily ever after. Yay!  Blessing in disguise.


  {What can I say about William.  I hope to work through our current issues and compete at Training level dressage, green hunters, and hopefully get to an event or two.  I want to put his attitude issues behind us, and for him to become a more rideable, predictable boy.  I really want things to work out or us this year.} 

  I did accomplish some of these.  We showed in a few small hunter shows, only did walk trot dressage, but there was no eventing.  Overall his attitude was MUCH improved and he grew up a lot in his training. Despite not making all of our goals I am really happy with how his year was.  He is a late bloomer and I know this now.  I am just happy to see improvements come steadily along.  No rushing this guy.


  {Pending on Parkers legs and hoof, I want Parker to be going walk, trot, canter, and going over small fences by the fall.  Possibly also have him schooled over small cross country courses here at my place.  I would love to take him to a local schooling show.  At the very least I will take him off property for some rides.  No real agenda, just positive rides to start. - See more at.}

  Wow, I honestly never thought Parkers goals would be the ones that were accomplished but they were!  He is going w/t/c and jumping cross rails.  He did the smallest cross country course on the property in the fall. He is a quick learner and a dream to work with.  I am excited about this boys future!


{  I want to have Liam backed this summer.  Going walk, trot, canter, and maybe little hacks.  Just enough so that when he is 3/4 he will be ready for actual training.   }

 Did. Not. Happen.  I have however backed him.  He won't move when I sit on him, but he allows me on his back.  Hey, it's a start ;)

 { For myself I want to ride as much as possible.  Take as many lessons as I can financially sustain.  I want to expand my training knowledge and become a more aware rider.  Take the next step.  I hope to blog more as I hoped last year (although that failed miserably).  I want to have good times with my friends and appreciate all the fun we have together as I always do.  I don't ever want to take my friends for granted.  I am so lucky to have them.  I am hoping to run two successful Short Course Events at my place this year, and have it be a great experience for all.}

  I am kind of shocked but hey - I accomplished all of my personal goals!  I rode two horses a day, took many lessons, learned a TONNE.  I blogged the most I ever have.  I had an amazing summer with my friends.  I hosted two successful shows and had great feedback.

2014 Goals

  For some reason I thought I had loftier goals last year.  I'm glad I was reasonable because I hardly accomplished any of them.  That is what I love and hate about life.  You set goals, dreams, aspirations.  Life changes in a blink of an eye and all of a sudden these things shift entirely.  You fail your goals yet you are still happy in the end (hopefully).

 This year my riding goals are as follows:

  • Compete successfully at Training level for the season with Penny.  Improve our dressage immensely.  Qualify and show at the Championships. Win one of those beautiful big honking ribbons.
  • Show William training level dressage, school Second Level.
  • Event William Pre Entry eventing and be going Entry by the fall.
  • Show Parker walk trot dressage, School Training Level.
  • Event Parker Pre Entry eventing.
  • Show Liam either in hand or in a baby walk trot show.
  • Break Sugar and have her ready to be ridden by a child.
  • Ride in a clinic equivalent to the greatness of Blyth Tait last year.
  • Get Alayne on EN for her jog outfit at Bromont when she does her first CCI*
  • Ride on the beach again, more than once.
  • Improve dressaging.
  • Become an awesome show jumping rider.
  • Have horses stay fat, healthy, and HAPPY.

My personal goals are as follows:

  • Organize finances and learn how to budget.
  • finish my CAIB (Insurance stuff) designation.
  • Lose 20 lbs.
  • Blog more.
  • Organize data (photos, videos, website, etc).
  • Continue to run successful horse shows.
  • Be the best wife and friend I can be.

Holy moly that's a long list!  It's the year of the horse, and I am going for broke.  I Hope you can join me on this ride.


  1. I think you guys had a great year! Looking forward to the near year as you work through your goals :)

  2. You know what they say, "go big or go home"! Love your goals for 2014 :-)

  3. I second Tracy, "go big or go home!" Sounds like you have a very exciting/great life! Enjoy!

  4. I think you did really well on your goals! Somehow I missed the fact that you had this many horses... goodness you must be busy :)

  5. omg this thing is not letting me comment... T_____T I've tried like 4x.

  6. You did great at meeting goals last year, somethings you just don't have control over. This years goals are lofty but sound doable and I look forward to following along with you in this new year! Stay happy and healthy...all of you!

  7. I have a request for updated Liam pictures! I want to see his spotted cuteness!

    1. oh I will get some this weekend specially for you! He is too adorable!

  8. Hahaha, I'm hoping I can just match with Gracie what you've set out for Parker. ;-) And get Leo going and figure out what he's might want to do with the next part of his life. ;-)

    1. yes!! Would be awesome to see you at the events! Parker would love to see Gracie :)

  9. Good luck with your 2014 list, and have a Happy New Year! ;) Your horses are adorable.


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