Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking Back on 2013

  This is the third instalment of my looking back posts.  Every new year I take some time and do a review of what went down throughout the year and where things are at going into the new year.  I see last year at this time I was starting to juice and here I am again - planning on juicing for a few weeks this month.  I guess some consistency is a good thing in life!  I can happily say this was my most plentiful year of blogging.

 January started off with some snow, and me working through Williams bucks.  It was an exciting find to get ahold of all of Parkers baby pics.  The month was pretty quiet and ended up with me whining about the cold (quell surprise).

  February came around and we headed off to the NCHTA awards banquet where Archie and I picked up our awards for being Pre-Training Champions.  Archie started back in work after his let down from the season, and we got a massive dumping of snow which surely pleased the horses!  Parker celebrated his 5th birthday while Archie celebrated his 13th, and the horses went nuts over their round bale.  We finished the month off by hosting a cute little schooling show at my friend Alaynes place.  We also bought a tractor!

  In March we had Robin down to give a clinic and I got some good help with William.  I struggled with motivation with the change in weather and I acquired the most difficult foster dog I have ever cared for Stryder (who now has the most amazing family ever!).  I was trailering over to Alayne's a lot and we finished the month off with another schooling show at her place!

  April was my blogged month as I was attempting to participate in the A to Z Challenge.  I failed to realize I was writing an Insurance exam and going to Rolex that month so I failed by 6 days but hey - I gave a valiant effort!  It was also my farm owning anniversary.  I found out I was going to clinic with Blyth Tait (dream come true!!).  We hosted a dressage test ride clinic with my mom at Alayne's farm and I rode Archie and was excited for our upcoming show season.  I posted a good rant about not wanting to have kids.  I posted about the bad news we received from Boston, and of course - my post about our awesome trip to Rolex!

  With May came our second time running a Short Course Event at the farm.  It was an insane day but we came out with positive feedback despite the horrible weather.  I took a clinic with Diana Burnett the days before but it didn't make it to the blog because we were so swamped!  I took William to his first show ever where he was a good boy, and I cried all afternoon about the judging which I thought was harsh.  I grew a lot from that day and it was a learning experience that's for sure.  I never blogged about it since I was very depressed at the time, but Archie and I went to a combined training event (dressage and stadium only) where we attempted training level and although completed, completely destroyed the stadium course and put the wheels in motion for his retirement.

  June was off to a great start with William doing his second dressage show and bringing home three third places out of big classes.  I sadly announced Archies' retirement from eventing and in a whirlwind of events I became the proud owner of Penny and promptly took her to a schooling event where we finished third!  I took William to his first hunter show where he was reserve champion in the cross rails.  Jesse dropped my video camera in the pool and I returned to the schooling show to take pics of my friends!  My friends kicked some serious ass at Wit's End Horse trials, I got super excited about my Bucas Zebra fly rugs that arrived, and Penny and I went to our first recognized event where we finished  2nd in the Pre-Training after jumping a lovely double clear!  The month ended with the most epic clinic of my life with Blyth Tait.  A truly unforgettable weekend.

  July started with day two of my clinic with Blyth Tait, cross country day!  We got another foster dog who was a bit of a handful.  It was hot hot hot and we were keeping cool with the dogs by swimming lots!  William went to his second hunter show over cross rails where he was Champion!  I posted the video here.  William also went to another dressage show where his marks improved and so did his placings finishing second in all his classes!  I also had a clinic with Waylon Roberts but it looks as though I never blogged about it.

 In August I took William cross country schooling and we jumped around some Entry level fences.  I talked about the hard times of being a Milso.  My bestie took over the ride on Archie and much to my delight it has worked out amazingly!  Alayne and I took a road trip to Quebec and I kept live updates (sort of) from Harmony Horse Trials.  Alayne was second in the Prelim and I had a dressage test to forget!  We went back to Touch A Rainbow Horse Trials, hosted a little dressage show at my farm and then went for an unforgettable ride on the beach! I rounded the month off by finishing third at Woodwind Horse Trials!

  September was full of eventing (yay!).  Ottawa Horse Trials was first where we finished 4th out of 22.  Parker was started up after his year off from the track and promptly jumped some cross country fences, William was also jumping some bigger fences nicely.   Alayne and I headed to the OHTA Championships and had quite the mishap on the way up.  I blogged our conclusion of the Champs where we went home ribbon-less but still had the time of our lives!  I finished September off with a successful upgrade to Training level at Stevens Creek where we finished 4th and half of our division was eliminated - a very fun day for me!

  My 30th Birthday came with October along with my third wedding anniversary.  I had some lovely conformation photos posted and then there was the mystery surrounding my favourite broom which disappeared.   I was taking jumping lessons regularly with Penny and posted some adorable horse and rider Hallowe'en costumes.   We hosted our second Short Course event of the year where Dana and Archie finished third! I also started my Farm Girl Friday series!

  In November I asked for help with the OTTB Valiant (goal was reached - thank you).  The best part of November had to be my coach Rick and I travelling to Toronto to show at an indoor jumper show where we both took home Championship ribbons.  I had an "Ah Ha" moment regarding coaching and my horses were all going well.  November also brought what was the start of a horrible winter with an epic dumping of snow. 

  December came around and I moved my horses to my moms for the winter for some arena time.  Not much else happened but I switched my horses to straw bedding.  I participated in the pet blogger and horse blogger gift exchanges and yes, we got even more snow!

  So, that is my year in a post.  I will be posting my 2013 goal review and 2014 goals next.  It wasn't the year I expected, but it was a good one.  Really looking forward to 2014.  May we all be blessed with a happy new year!


  1. You've had a year of ups and downs for sure! From reading most of the year, I was really happy to see you find Penny and lots of happiness with eventing again. Cheers to a great 2014!

  2. Once the weather cleared you really killed it in competition! I'm looking forward to all 2014 holds for you, your fam, your farm. :)

    1. hopefully the weather is done being awful this year and we can have an early start this year!

  3. You don't let any moss grow under your feet, What a fun filled year you many accomplishments!

  4. SO MANY RIBBONS! You guys did great in 2013!

  5. A lot of challenges and some significant accomplishments and a few good times. I once read that if you want to be successful and get more out of life it is good to reflect on your past accomplishments. Good luck.

  6. A look back is always a look at the roller coaster that is life. Wishing you a fun ride for 2014!

  7. I got you a shipping quote on the sheet and breastplate. $37 according to USPS. :(

  8. Sounds like an epic year - heres to 2014 and I can't wait to follow you and read about your adventures

  9. Glad you liked your brush! Did you have me as well? I just picked up my package the other day (goes to my permanent address, not current address). If so - thank you!! I will be doing a post next week. If not... well, ignore that, haha.


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