Monday, January 13, 2014

Share Your Barn Blog Hop!

  I am joining in on the fun of sharing some pictures of my barn.  It's making me miss the summer even more.  I can't wait to see green pastures and pretty flowers once again!  Without further ado, here is my little piece of paradise;

1.  A view of your barn:

Archie modeling the back side.

Out Parkers window

the shelter on the side

other shelter out the back side

2.   Your horses living space;

Williams stall with look out window.

sacrifice paddock with large shelter, the view out of Williams stall.

small second shelter which seconds as a clown car.  View out of Pennys stall.

Pennys stall (was Archies')

Williams stall, now have racing gates.

their 7 acres of pasture

3.  In the tackroom;

I have two huge tack lockers for now. This is from when I first moved in, they have been organized since! In the future the tack room will be finished.

4.  Where you ride;

my beautiful sand ring!

also, the mini cross course!

6.  Your favorite feature;

the many rainbows,

and killer skies...

in my own backyard.

I also love the proximity to my friends and family but it is hard to show in photos.

{This is a "Show us Your Barn" Blog Hop!  Hosted by  Ashley at The Process of Learning and Sprinkler Bandits!}


  1. Lovely!!! I want to come live there! I'll clean and feed :)

    1. haha lots of room! Only down side is the shitty winter here!

  2. I love your split rail fences!

  3. Your place looks so lovely and I'm so jealous you have a mini-cross country course!

    1. It's pretty sweet, we have 4 levels now. Building two more this summer!

  4. That's your personal barn? Wow, I love it.

    1. Yes...we were extremely lucky and found an absolute turn key small farm in our price range - previous owners were hard core reiners and went all out!

  5. You have such a nice set-up! Love the rainbows!

  6. The rainbows rock! I don't know what it is but there are double rainbows at least once a month at my barn, too!

  7. What a nice place! Love the mini cross country course and all the rainbow picts :)

  8. As you peruse the buildings above, choose one that best fits your style, and take into consideration what you will be storing in it.

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  9. Painfully jealous! So wonderful to have your own barn!

  10. I can't believe all the rainbows!!! It's completely beautiful. Will add and follow you from now on!


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