Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Successful Hosted Schooling Show in the Books

  Sunday was our first gig of show hosting for 2014.  As we did last winter, Alayne and I put on a cute little hunter schooling show at her farm, the first of a series of three shows to help local riders prep for the upcoming show season.  Saturday was a beautiful, albeit windy, warm day and snow started to melt quite rapidly.  My moms arena flooded and Alaynes' arena was starting to gather a pool of water in the bottom corner at the end.  We spent a good few hours digging trenches in the snow and trying to map a hole out of the arena for the water to drain.  We redirected a good lot of water and the arena was salvaged for show day.  The driveway became a bit of a wet icy mess because of this but we had a tonne of help laying gravel to counter the ice.  Many thanks to Alayne' awesome boarders who banded together with us to help clear the water!

  We had quite a good turn out, which we were very happy about.  It was a bit questionable whether or not people would want to come with the weather being so crap all winter and I know most peoples horses have not been going and trailers are buried under sheets of ice (I know mine is).  Despite the polar vortex the last few weeks a bunch of riders came out to dust off the cobwebs and do a few hunter rounds with us!  We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and a nice temperature just above 0.  Could not have been any luckier!

 Classes ran nice and smooth with no issues.  There were a few riders who took some tumbles but other than that it seemed most horses were on their best behavior for their first show of the year.  Dana brought Archie over and jumped him in the cross rails and the 18', and Nicole, who is just 12, rode Ace for the second time in the 18' division also.  They both did a great job and the ponies were super.  I have video of Dana, Nicole, and our friend David who has a lovely little grey OTTB named Zoe.

 All in all we had a great show.  We received excellent feedback and already have entries in for the next one.  A little hard work, some extra show money in our pocket, and the locals have got a head start on show season.  What fun.

 {PS. Don't forget to enter my rainsheet destruction pool/contest!}


  1. I wish I could go to your guys' schooling shows, the ring looks so good.

    1. Thanks! It's pretty adorable. Lots of good feedback too....perfect for our area full of low level riders!

  2. Home schooling shows are so nice!

  3. What fun! Schooling shows are the best!


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