Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Day Jump School

  In Ontario we have a holiday every February to spend time with our family, called Family Day.  Family Day is a relatively new holiday and I think those of us who get the day off work can agree that it is a great thing.  Since my husband is still away, I spent the day with my barn family and ponies.  Is there really any other way to spend a day of?

  Dana came over to my moms for a lesson with my mom on Quartz.  She brought Archie too so we could set up a course and have a jump school in the afternoon to prepare for the schooling show at Alayne's barn next weekend.  Dana brought Nicole over with her, the young girl who rides with Alayne.  She is going to possibly be riding Ace in the show, and Jess came to ride Parker.

  I packed up some more jumps to bring over and we set a course with what we had.  We may have had to resort to our Tyendenaga ways and use a couple of chairs as standards but hey - beggers can't be choosers!  Dana brought over her Christmas tree also which served well as a filler.  We took turns warming up around the course and then started by popping over some x's in each direction.  We then did the outside lines and added in the diagonals until we were ready to tackle the course.

  Everyone did a superb job getting around nicely and it was a lot of fun to have a day of schooling with no pressure and time to sort out our bobbles.  I enjoy watching others go and just analyzing our rides.  Nicole did an awesome job on Ace for never having ridden her before and not jumping for quite some time - both her and Ace!  Dana was able to do some nice course work on Archie and Parker who was very excited and strong at first, finished the day with some really nice lines and perfect lead changes.

  At the end of our ride I put the jumps up and took William around a few more times.  He has been a bit gung ho over jumping lately and I wanted to try and see if we could get a nice quiet school this day. He was excellent and I am really happy with how he is going these days.  He got all his changes beautifully and was listening to me whether to wait or to move up a bit.  Coming down the outside line, oxer to vertical, I knew the line was a forward three strides so I asked him to move forward and he took the cue and jumped the line in 2 strides! Whoops...I guess I will have to work on my subtlety ;)

 After our rides my mom made us a nice home cooked lunch.  We brought the horses in and called it a day.  A great Family Day holiday!   Videos....


  1. I love the idea of a family holiday and what a great way to spend it!

  2. Eep! That two-stride was sketchy -- but you did a great job staying with him! The three is much better, haha

  3. My hubby is a fed so he had to work. Glad you were able to enjoy the day.


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