Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Sunday Night Jump School

  After finally being able to ride for the past few days, Jessica and I decided we would have a little jump school after our colic seminar on Sunday.  I set a gymnastic with what jumps I have at my moms (4 standards and 6 poles).  A 9 foot rail, to a one stride, with a 9 foot rail on the landing so the exercise can be taken at any direction.  We started with just one x jumping in then upgraded to two verticals at the end of the ride.

 Parker has only jumped a single fence a handful of times and Jess had never jumped him so it was an experiment to see how he was coming along.  William has been jumping a bit more regularly and seems to enjoy it.  He is basically a pogo stick that I try and aim in the right direction and he takes care of the rest.  We are getting better at maintaining our canter into the fence but I still struggle with my position.  I have the worst habit of being behind the motion although I am aware and trying to fix it now.  Because of this, he sometimes hits rails with his hind end as we are landing.  Hopefully with continual lessons and more gymnastic work we can improve this.


 Parker was fantastic and jumped through the exercise really positively.  He only tried to sneak out the side once or twice and by the end was jumping through like a big boy.  This horse is so eager and willing, it's a real treat to have him in the barn and Jess is doing a great job with him.  Excited to see where he goes with his jumping this summer.

 Penny was a bit fresh having not jumped in over a month, but she was on her game.  She saved my but the first time we put the fences up, and after I corrected myself we jumped through without issue.  This horse can jump...she is so careful and willing.  I just love her to death.  Tonnes of fun.

  It was great to be jumping again.  Looking forward to adding some gymnastics and course work into our regular routine now that February has hit and the weather has improved.


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