Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rainsheet Destruction Pool Contest!

  There is a monsoon in the forecast for the next few days on and off.  20mm + of rain and above 0 temperatures means we will be swimming before we know it!  That being said, almost all of my horses blankets have a tear in them one way or another.  They are fine for the snow but with this rain and the warmer temps, it was time to purchase some new rain sheets to keep them dry and not overheated over the next few weeks and onward into spring.

  I picked up 3 Amigo Hero 6's at the local tack store Wilton tack.  Parker and Penny each wear a 78 and William wears a 75.  They fit nicely, sitting a bit higher up the neck and shoulder than most rain sheets.  They have cut leg archs and a nice bum flap.  I love anything Horseware Ireland and they are definitely my go to for blankets.  I find these blankets and Bucas are the only rugs without fill that don't get moisture build up on the underside in the winter.  I don't like cold ponies, and I don't like cold ponies with cold moist blankies on either.

 Unfortunately for me, my horses are what you would call hard on their rugs.  Last month William destroyed his $300 heavy weight Rhino rug out in the field, coming in naked at night when it was -10c all day.  Brrr.  My horses have hardly any would think he would have regretted that move.  The very next day Parker destroyed his $300 heavyweight Baker turnout by ripping the chest clean off...also coming in naked....also on a -10c day.  Lucky for me both of these blankets were hand me downs that I received several years ago...unlucky for me I still had to replace them.  Oh the joys of horse, and multiple horse ownership.

 The horses look great in their new Olympic red rainsheets today, however I know the inevitable is coming.  There will be a day, maybe soon, maybe months from now when one of these blankets or perhaps all will be torn to shreds.  I am going to embrace this possibility and not whine about it any longer.  I am offering my readers a fun chance to join in on the horse shenanigans.  I am hosting a rainsheet destruction pool contest!!

 Here are the rules:

 Guess which horse; Penny, Parker, or William, and a date starting tomorrow February 21st 2014  you think the rainsheet will meet its demise.  I am not counting small rips, the rip must be at least 12 inches in length or equivalent size if it's not in a not straight line.  If there is a debate we can argue over photos I will supply of all damage to the rainsheets lol.

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 Once a horse and date is picked you can not pick the same.  You can pick a different horse on the same day or vice - versa.  One guess per person.  Record your guess in the comment section, I will create a calendar with picks and update it daily as entries come in.

 The person who guesses correctly or closest to wins a sample pack of supplements from Omega Alpha- Equine!

Not actual size of prize - but similar

 This contest is ongoing until one of my three new sheets gets destroyed!  Let er' rip! (pun intended)

  Good luck and here's hoping for no least not for a little while ;)


  1. Hilarious idea for a contest! My guess is Parker on March 13. Sorry rain sheet. You don't have long to live.

  2. Haha! Love this! I'll take William on March 17th :)

  3. I'll choose Penny on March 31. I apparently have a lot of faith in the sheets!

  4. So funny! I'm going with William on March 3rd! Sorry sheet, I think he's got it in for you.

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