Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Morning at the Track

  Saturday morning I joined my friend Alayne and her husband for an early morning trip to Woodbine race track.  Her husband has one Thoroughbred who will be racing this year and another in for training.  Those two were going up to do a workout and then we also had two others they had in for winter breaking.  I was up at 4am and over to their place to leave for 5am.  It's an early morning, but it is never too early for Thoroughbreds.

  I have only been to this track a few times, once to watch, and once to drop off a horse with Alayne when we were on our way to the Championships.  I am not familiar with life behind the scenes, although I was always interested.  I always find it exciting to be there.  This time was no exception, and going first thing in the morning means lots and lots of Thoroughbreds out.  So. many. horses. I. want.

The Thoroughbreds head out for their morning workout

  We tacked up Marianna who is their horse and set her out for her gallop.  She is a big tall bay, looks a bit like Archie.  Well mannered and fit looking.  Many comments were made about her "Florida coat" and nice bay shine.  She had a decent workout and came back to the barn without breaking a sweat.  We untacked her and I hand walked her to cool her out while Alayne tacked up the other mare, Aiya Aiya.   The barn for those who are not stabled at the track was quite nice, wide aisle ways around the walls with the stalls in the middle.  Clean with fresh shavings, and best of all - heated!

Nando wrapping Marianna

 Aiya Aiya went for her turn and ran extremely well.  It was her first workout and she had the second best time, without even letting her go.  A good sign for the future!  She also came back in good form.  She was handwalked for 20 minutes also and had a nice big drink.  Once the mares were cool, Alayne wrapped them with rubbing alcohol and we left them to relax in their stall for a bit to munch on their haynets while we grabbed breakfast at the track cafeteria.

 After breakfast we loaded the girls up and headed back.  Just like that we were home again, slightly after lunch.  It's fun to do these things before show season starts and we won't have time to.  Everyone at the track was so friendly and happy, it was a really nice atmosphere and I am cheerful to be heading back again this Saturday.  Parkers brother is at the track and now that I know what he looks like, I will be going to find him and say hello if I can. Hopefully the weather stays a bit warmer as it has been and I can have a few more hours of Thoroughbred watching :)

Marianna smiles for her fans ;)

Miss Marianna


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