Monday, March 3, 2014

Acupressure Update - William Gets Some Too

  A few weeks ago Penny had her second acupressure treatment, and William had his first.  Since Pennys first treatment, she was feeling happier under saddle, and had gained some weight - about 50-100lbs.  I can't be positive if this was a direct result, but nothing else had changed and it was a good sign that this might be beneficial to her long term.

 When her session started she immediately remembered how good it felt and relaxed right away.  She was practically snoozing and had lots of deep breaths out and yawns.  The acupressionist commented that her wither area and back was feeling better for palpation, and that her weight and condition looked improved as well.  All great things that I hope to continue on with, but might have a hard time with since the weather has taken another decline and our arena is still frozen from it flooding.  Overall I notice improved relaxation and mood with Penny after her sessions.  I had a lesson the day after and she was absolutely super.  It's a nice feeling to treat my pony to something she enjoys so much.

  William has what I call "stranger danger".  Hates being touched or approached by people he doesn't know, so I warned her about this and she proceeded slowly with caution.  I told her to avoid his manly bits and that area because last year he kicked my chiropractor in the crotch when he attempted to reach in there.  Oops.  The woman who does the acupressure is great with the horses and it helped ease William through the stranger danger.  He always stands with his head incredibly stiff and the worried eye but doesn't move a muscle.  She was able to get him to relax and by the end he was yawning about every 30 seconds.  It was so cute.  He especially relaxed when she did the points above his coronet bands on the hind legs.  William had a quite of few reaction points and will need more sessions for sure.  He should be able to relax more each time once he learns he isn't going to be poked or prodded with anything.

  I was given some more exercises to do with each of them daily, and have been doing those routinely.  They seem to really enjoy their little massages and rubs before every ride and I have pretty much just incorporated them into my tack up routine, or if I don't ride, my nightly cuddle routine.  I will probably have them done a few more times before show season starts and then hopefully they can go on a maintenance schedule of every few months.  So far I am happy with the outcome of the acupressure work.  A lot more than I had initially thought I would be.  Yay for happy ponies.


  1. I've never tried acupuncture, but I've always found it intriguing. Do you like it better than the chiropractor for your horses?

    1. I think Chiro is good to have at least an assesment done, and maybe a yearly visit, but I find the rewards from Acupressure to be excellent. Improves mood, relaxation, and state of mind for weeks afterwards. Right now I would say I would spend the money on this over Chiro unless my horse needed an adjustment.

  2. Happy ponies are the best :)

  3. Sounds like it was a good thing!

  4. So awesome this treatment is available
    Lily & Edward

  5. Your such a good mama! I love my active release sessions, they are really helping my legs and feet.


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