Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Early Morning at the Track

  Saturday morning I headed back to Woodbine racetrack in Toronto with Alayne and her husband Nando.  Marianna and Aiya Aiya were going back for another workout.  Nandos' 2 year old Funky Eyed Cat was also coming for his first trip around the track.  Funky Eyed Cat was bought in the fall at auction for a really good deal - because he only has one eye.  He is the sweetest little guy, and has a lovely chunky build with good bone.

  The girls ran well and FEC was a perfect little man for his first outing.  Having just learned how to canter, he went out on the track and trotted and cantered around like a gentleman, only giving things a look here and there.  He is so easy going!  He will make a nice horse whether he makes it as a race horse or not.

  We had a little bit of drama on the way up, a flat tire on the trailer.  Luckily a nice man waved us down and we were able to pull off before we were getting back on the highway after a pit stop.  Good thing too, we were right beside Canadian Tire!  Way better than being stranded on a major highway. No other hiccups for the day.  Once again everyone was really friendly and saying hello.  I really do love the track.  The horses, the much fun.

 It was overcast and windy...but my pictures really caught some interesting light.




  1. Love all the photos! I have yet to have a flat on the trailer when I've been out. The idea makes me so nervous! Glad it worked out okay for you, though.

  2. Looks like so much fun, that race track has great views!

  3. Beautiful photos!!

  4. Wow, those are really great pictures! I love the sky in all of these pictures. I've only been horseback riding a couple of times, but it was really fun...I bet you had a lot of fun!


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