Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Got Back - Cracked!

Willy man bum

  On Saturday Penny and William received more pampering.  My chiropractor Brandon, who I have blogged about before, came out to give them an assessment for the year and an adjustment.  I figured Penny would enjoy it since she has been loving her acupressure.  She has a tiny muscle bulge by her poll she has had since before I got her and I was particularly interested in hearing if her neck or poll was out, along with her back.

  Penny went first and was very good for her first adjustment.  Her condition was overall decent and only needed a few adjustments.  Brandon complimented me on her coat and said that he thought she was a very quality horse - words I take to heart as he is an excellent rider, horseman, and most importantly, eventer!  He looked at her neck and poll and said his old horse had something similar.  He had actually asked about in school and advised that it is from improper training, poll carriage and bad muscle development.  He thought Penny had a great prognosis to work out of it as she is still fairly young and just starting out her training again.  Any muscling that was less than ideal done on her prior to my ownership can easily be erased with proper work in the future. Yay!

Penny: "me next?"

  Overall Penny was good, he did not think she would need anything other than maintenance in the 6-12 months.  Score.  William was much better behaved this time for his adjustment.  He didn't try and kick him the junk when he worked around his stifle and belly like last time haha.  Brandon was able to adjust his neck this year, whereas last year William wouldn't let him do anything to it.  He had quite a few good adjsutments done there and on his back.  After one on his back William let out a big buck in the isle.  It was pretty comical, I guess he set something straight in there!  The remainder of the process went off incident free.

  He also said William was pretty good, and to just keep working on his topline and long and low to start to help stretch out his neck.  I have noticed this week that William seems looser in the neck (just from the ground, still not riding because of cold).  I don't know if it is from the adjustment or if I am having the placebo effect happen on myself but either way he looks better and that makes me happy. Yay again!

Shiny man Will

 Both horses are good to go for the next few months.  Now all I need is the sun to come out, the temperature to ride, the arena to thaw, and I can finally get back on my ponies!


  1. Isn't it great hearing compliments about your horses? Glad they were good for the chiro.
    It appears that warmer weather is on the horizon!

    1. It is certainly nice, especially from people you highly respect!

      Here's hoping on the weather front!

  2. I seriously love compliments from people who see so many horses on a regular basis.

  3. It's always nice to get the ponies pampered!

  4. Hearing "maintenance" is the best.

  5. I can't wait for Miles to have his first chiro adjustment this spring!


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