Friday, April 4, 2014

Dressage Show!

 Sunday, Alayne and I are hosting another indoor schooling show at her place - a dressage show.   Since the show is pretty low key, we are both riding in it hors concurs.  I'm going to take Parker and do the Walk/Trots, and my mom asked me to take her horse Ace and do a first level test, so she could get out early before her show season starts.

  Parker has been going really well.  He is still extremely green but he is the most willing and quiet horse I think I have ever owned.  I have never in my life owned a horse that was easy.  Most of my horses come with baggage because let's face it - that is the price tag I can afford and I am able to work with it.

photo Linda Shantz

  I am really hoping Parker will be able to go to a couple of events this year.  He is a fast progressor and I think he will be able to at least do a Pre-Entry before this fall.  These types of outings are exactly what he needs before we even consider eventing him.  A few dressage shows, a couple of hunter shows, and we will be more able to set plans.  I'm really excited about this horse.

 Looking forward to a fun day of dressaging Sunday.  The bonus is it is supposed to be 8c and sunny.  And as sad as it is - this temperature is worth getting excited about here!  Tomorrow I am teaching Pony Club, then it's the official start of my show season - and hopefully a successful show, and spring.

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  1. Awww what a beautiful face! :-)

  2. Ah, Parker....I knew you when you were nothing close to easy! ;-) So happy you grew up! :-D Good luck at the show tomorrow, looking forward to hearing how it goes!


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