Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hurting Horse

  Penny was being a little funny when I started her back into work after the frigid cold snap in late February and early March.  On the lunge she was doing a bunny hop every few strides, then racing off and kicking up her heels.  I knew something wasn't right so we scheduled the vet to come do the horses spring shots and take a look at Miss Pen Pen when he was here.

  The good news is it's nothing in her hocks or stifles.  The bad news is, it is in her sacroiliac joint.  So there is something not right there, but it is something that we can fix with time and a little tlc.  The vet prescribed another chiro visit, some bute to help inflammation, an acupuncture treatment, and a magic bag heated before I ride, then icing the area after I ride.  I can start legging her up to get her back into work lightly.  She will need a month or two before I can try working her regularly.  We will see where she is at mid June and go from there.  If things get worse than we can explore more time off or injecting.  If things get better then she is healing and I can continue to build up her work.

  Right now I am just concerned about my girl.  I want to get her comfortable and healthy again.  I hate the idea of her hurting.  We are not sure how she did it, but most likely in the field over the winter.  The absolutely freezing temps, heavy blankets, and ice everywhere was surely no help.  Thankfully, we are heading into warmer temperatures finally, and that should help with our rehab process.

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  1. Poor Penny :( Hopefully she just tweaked something and some time off/careful rehab is all she needs.

  2. Hate high hind end stuff! I seem to be the queen of that, with both Monster and Gracie having issues there. Sounds like you have a good gameplan though.

    1. I blame the winter...what else could be the cause!

    2. Yes that's how Monster hurt herself - four years ago, icy December! :-(

  3. Poor girl! I hate it when our kids are hurting. Hopefully she starts feeling better quickly.

  4. All the best. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


  5. Aw, sorry to hear this! I hope the treatments and light work help! SI aches blow.

  6. Poor Penny. Sometimes my SI joints act up too!


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