Monday, April 14, 2014

JESSICA - Thanks for the Pictures!!!!!!! Fallowfield Dressage Show Recap

  Jessica, my friend and boarder requested I do my J post with her in mind - so here you are Jess!  Thanks for the great pictures, and help at our dressage show this weekend! hehehe

  Alayne and I took our red horses; William and Lyra to a schooling dressage show.  Hallelujah it was 16 degrees out!  I wore a t shirt, I sweat under my show jacket, my horse was naked - YAY!  We both entered two classes, Canadian Eventing Entry Level dressage test 1 and 2.

  We had about 20mm of rain the night before, and we have had a lot of surface water around here with all the snow melting, but the ring was still decent.  There were puddles but it was ride able.  We are eventers, we are not afraid of a little water!  William has not been going the greatest as of late.  He was really bad the last few weeks when I realized his teeth were an absolute mess and it was a good thing the vet was coming because boy did he need a fix.  With his new teeth, a new saddle (Butet cc I found for a steal yay!) and the Micklem, he was like a new horse.

  I had a lesson on Saturday with Daphne and we really worked through some long standing issues.  When I got on Sunday I felt like I had a new, happier horse under neath me.  I was more and more surprised as my warm up went on with just how well William went.  Daphne and I set a goal of having 5 good moments of William accepting the contact and being in front of my leg in the first test.  If we were successful then I could raise my goal to 10 good moments in the second test.  We are just here for the schooling, people.

 William blew me away once we entered the ring and stayed in front of my leg and into the contact for nearly our entire first test.  The judge remarked that he was an absolutely lovely horse with a lot of potential - just keep working away and I will really have something here.  This is almost 3 years in the making. Finally! Our second test was not as nice, but I was overall still very pleased.  As there are more transitions in Test 2, we had some moments behind the leg and lost marks there.  Our biggest struggle in staying into the contact and in front of the leg is corners and transitions so it was expected to be harder for him in that test.  The judge once again complimented William.  She said once we can sort out our transitions, we will top of the scoreboard every time.  Whoa, was not expecting that!

 Regardless, he surpassed my every expectation.  In Test 1 we scored a %69 and a few 8s, along with an 8 on our gaits :)  In Test 2 we scored a %63, with a 5 for submission which really brought our score down -  but was deserved.  Overall out of 7 riders we won the first class and were 4th in the second.  Alayne was 2nd and 3rd respectively.  What a super first outing of the season!

 Thanks again Jess for all the great pics!

Lyra and Alayne

Lyra at her first show away from home - good girl!

we canter - weee

Eventer salute

look at my horse - my horse is amazing

Love this because it looks like he's smiling :)

Team Red rules

Alayne and Miss Lyra

Love my pone.

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  1. He looks amazing! Great pictures and congrats :)

  2. What classy looking horses! Glad you are getting things sorted out. :-)

  3. Love William all braided up!

  4. Lovely photos!! Sounds like they both had great rides!

  5. Great pictures! William is such a handsome dude!

  6. Congrats to all of you! :-D Great pics....I think my favourite though is the eventer salute, the puddle. Perfect! ;-)

  7. beautiful beautiful beautiful!



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