Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lessons - Immediate Inspiration Blog Hop

 From Viva Carlos, another Blog Hop!

Most of us take lessons, whether its a couple times a week or a couple times a month. Some of us have more then one instructor. Why do you train with your trainer? If okay or possible, share a picture of your trainer riding.

  I ride with both of my coaches (dressage and showjumping) for similar reasons.  One, I love their teaching styles.  I understand them both fully and always feel like I am coming away with something after a lesson.  I trust them and their judgement.  They are both active riders and competitors and although this is not important to many people, I do feel like a coach needs to be an active rider.  They both take lessons themselves and thus are always learning, trying new exercises, methods.

  I look at their students results, and if they are successful.  I personally find that one way to judge a person's coaching skills.  Of course this is not a solid rule, but it does usually reflect coaching quality.  They both demand perfection - and explain their reasoning for it.  They are different teachers but yet they are both so effective.

  Another great thing about my coaches is their ability to understand and work with Thoroughbreds.  The ability to understand an ex racehorse and amend your training methods accordingly can mean the difference between success and mass frustration.  Riding with Daphne helps me set clear attainable goals to work towards, and she gives me the skill set to achieve it. Riding with Rick is painful (physically) and an absolute blast which usually starts or ends with me busting a gut - he is hilarious.  I can't even explain how hilarious.  I always ride better with Rick, that says something to me.

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  1. I agree with needing a trainer that can work with Thoroughbreds. They have a very different mindset!

  2. Great post, I too love that my trainer has YEARS of experience and success working with OTTB's which is what Henry and I need :)


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