Thursday, April 17, 2014

Natalie Smith Clinic

Tomorrow, Jessica and I are taking William and Mia over to Alaynes place for a clinic with Natalie Smith.  Natalie is a hunter jumper rider and trainer from the Toronto area. I had the opportunity to ride with her once last summer and really like her teaching style.  I think she is pretty knowledgeable, and she reminds me of my old coach who I attribute to being the one who really taught me how to ride.

  Since it's Good Friday, I have the day off and that means a fun filled day of ponies of course!  I am very excited to see how William goes and what help she can give me with him.  Sunday we are going to a little schooling show in the area so this will be a good prep prior to show day.  Looking forward to some pony time.

 Happy long weekend everyone!

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