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 My second pony growing up was an Appaloosa mare named Snapple.  She came from a horse trader and was pregnant at the time we bought her, although we had no idea.  Snapple was hardly broke, she could walk and trot and canter a little.  She had never jumped before and that is pretty much all we knew about her.

 The horse dealer wanted to sell me this straight legged lame QH pony instead - because he was super quiet and well broke.  This guy had no idea what he was getting into though, because my heart was set on a set of spots.  I had always been crazy about Appaloosas as a kid, and the minute I laid eyes on Snapple in that dusty old barn I knew that was the pony for me.  No amount of convincing would tear my heart from her, and shortly after, she was mine.

Appleton Pony Club Rally

Hawkridge Horse Trials - Pre Training

 Snapple was truly the pony of a lifetime.  Over the years she taught me the world of showing; hunters, jumpers, dressage, and eventually, eventing.  No matter what the discipline, she excelled at it.  She won the hunters, kicked ass in the jumpers, and cleaned house eventing.  Ok, maybe dressage wasn't exactly her forte - but she tried.

  Snapple and I conquered the levels of Pony Club, we won coolers, trophies, and hundreds of ribbons.  She was my best friend for many years, and gave me the spark and love for eventing.  When I outgrew Snapple, I leased her out to a few riders for them to gain experience and confidence.  She did her job well and won a few events, along with the hearts of many along the way.

Napanee Pony Club Show

Napanee Pony Club Jumper Champion

Hawkrdige Horse Trials

Pony Club Show Jumping Championships

Snapples baby Philippe on the right

Dana and I, and Philippe

 Sadly, Snapple passed away a few years ago while in the care of another person.  She had a sudden aortic rupture and could not be saved.  The horse world can be cruel and painful.  Losing Snapple was not easy, even though it was years since I had been riding her and she was not at my home, it was a tough loss to swallow.  I am so thankful for the time I had with Snapple.  We had an incredible time together, and a bond like no other.  You don't always need the fanciest horse in the barn, but you do need one with a big heart - and Snapples was the biggest.

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  1. Wow, she is gorgeous!! Love all of those spots. My mom has a huge soft spot for Appalooas's and grew up with them. While I'm not necessarily 100% wild over them, I love how they've captured so many people's hearts!

  2. Such a cute girl! I love appys, and think they have such great brains.

  3. Sooooooooo cute! What a great pony :)

  4. She sounds like she was a great pony. She was lucky to have someone who loved her so much!

  5. A horse like that is truly priceless.

  6. Such a beautiful trip down memory lane. Thank you for sharing it with us.



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