Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Loot - Shopping at Rolex

Loved these cuties
  With a smooth drive down we arrived in Kentucky around 6am today.  After a little nap and breakfast, we headed to the park to watch some dressage and then start the fun stuff - shopping!

  Todays scores:

wine tasting :)

$5 leadrope - $20 breeches

$25 padded leather halter, free water bottle and bag

$5 leather padded collar for Ozzy

CoTH goodies, freebies, and 2 tubs of Stubben leather cleaner for $10

Stubben irons $10

Tipperary BLUE helmet for schooling $40

AND the Antares dealer gave me a fleece lined saddle cover for free because Alayne bought a saddle from them!

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  1. Dang you got some great deals!!! Jealous!!!

  2. Wow! Does Rolex always have deals like this? I always figured it was high end shopping, but this is totally all within my price range :)

    1. Yes they do, just depends what is on sale but there are some really good deals - and lots of stuff that is full price and expensive too.

  3. So... I will buy that cover off of you because I lose mine last year..

    1. You may have to pry it out of my cold dead hands....heheh

  4. Major scores!!! I am coveting that dog collar :) And cheers to the wine tasting too!!!

  5. I'm sitting at work feeling awfully jealous of the whole Rolex thing, lucky you :) Great deals!

  6. Super deals! Hope they have some things left on Saturday!

  7. Wow, you got some good stuff
    Lily & Edward


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