Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Week Away

  Things are picking up around the farm now that spring seems to have finally arrived.  Probably the slowest start I have ever seen, my tulips have just started to show their faces.  My horses are home now and settled into their new routine here.  The mud has dried up and my ring is getting use again.  The horses are happy to be out on pasture and free from blankets.  

  Penny had her follow up visit with the chiropractor and he did a few big adjustments and said she should be feeling better.  She is ready to go back into work and I rode her for the first time in about 2 months on Friday.  I also started her and William on U Gard so I am excited to see what the results of this will be over the next couple of months.

  Today Rick came over to teach myself, Jessica, and Dana in a lesson.  I rode William, and we worked through a little gymnastic, focusing on straightness and rider position, and its influence on the horse.  All the ponies were excellent and it was really fun to ride together.  I don't remember the last time I had a group lesson, but it is pretty rare when you have your own farm.  I do enjoy group lessons and miss them at times.  We spent the afternoon chatting in the sun and having a few beers, a great time with friends.

  In the evening Jessica and I did a little jumping building on the cross country course.  The annual Short Course event we host in the spring is next Monday, so its crunch time to get the farm cleaned up and jumps looking great.  My husband is away at the moment so it's a tall task for myself but nothing I'm not used to.  I spent all day yesterday cutting grass, weed-whacking, gardening and doing general farm maintenance.  That left time today for two of my favourite things; driving the tractor and building some jumps!  We got a few of the jumps tidied up that were hurt through this hard winter, and managed to start work on a few new fences.

Riding will be taking the back burner this week while I organize and get prepped for the show.  This is something I really enjoy doing though, so it's a labour of love!

oh ya thats me, driving the tractor lol

moving the log

The jump I want to build

our work in progress of above

lol going to look awesome with flowers

this one is on the top of a little hill

on the hill


  1. Nice jumps! The Clyde at my barn is on U-Gard. Works well for him and he is way less crabby now! Hope your event goes well :)

    1. Good to hear...I have heard good things about it.

  2. Your jump is looking good. I need a few adjustments. Glad it's helping Penny
    Lily and Edward

  3. Can we have a group lesson on the tractor driving? And jump building? And general horsie-awesomeness? I'd sign up for that.

    1. haha I will so do a tractor driving tutorial!


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