Monday, June 30, 2014

I Can't Help Myself

 Memba' this post?

You know, the one where I went on and on and ON about how much I love Guaranteed Gold and all his golden delicious gorgeous babies?  Well...let me tell you something about myself.

I can't help myself.

When I receive a message that says - "Hey Tori!  You still want one of those GG babies? Call me - I have a deal for you".

Hmmmm.  I'm at work at the moment.  I can't call...FACEBOOK ME ASAP.

Sits at desk checking phone every .4 seconds.  Dying.  Suspense...tell me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  A friend of mine, the one I bought Penny off, had two GG babies, registered Thoroughbreds, in for re-sale.  One was a yearling and the other a two year old.  Both colts, both fairly unhandled.  I was pinning over them from a distance for quite some time.  Not needed, and not in my price range.  Was the biggest tease ever to see pictures of these babies every day on Facebook!

 The two year old was sold - the "nicer"  Apparently, the yearling was, well, not that nice.  Personality wise.  The vet was out to geld him and he managed to head butt him and kick him all in the same visit.  That is pretty special.  She said he was too ill mannered and wild at the moment to be worth her or the owners time.  They want him out by the weekend and if I can come get him or arrange trailering - they would gift him to me.

Hmmmmmmmm...major dilemma.  Want golden horse so desperately but do I NEED him? No...I guess I don't.  But he most definitely needs me.  I can't help myself.  Spunky little asshole needs me in his life - to set him straight, spend some time teaching him manners, respect, and most importantly of all - love.

 So that was that.  I had my friend ship him to Alaynes house that Friday night.  I thought a month at a busy stable would be good for him.  Get him used to being handled, the hustle and bustle of he could be turned out safely while he is still a stud...although he is pretty un-masculine at the moment!  The first night he wouldn't let anyone near him.  He thought he was pretty wild and tough.  I worked him in the round pen for about 20 minutes and he eventually let me catch him and lead him around a little bit.

 He certainly had no manners or skills.  He didn't like if you asked him to do anything and he came straight at me with his ears pinned a few times.  An easy solution to that is me coming at him growling and then using my rope to work him more in the pen.  I love doing round pen work, especially with horses that are a little nervous, shy, or unbroke.  I was really looking forward to the challenge this guy might bring.  Not to mention when he was trotting around I was just sort of standing there drooling over his nice big lofty trot.  Holy hell...this horse is nice.  Not just really nice.  Ohhh...excitement builds even more.

  I was sort of hoping this might turn into a fun project.  Taming the wild beast...getting to work on my John Lyons skills type of thing.  Alas the golden horse softened up in a just a few days.  He is pretty much eating out of the palm of my hand now.  He lets me catch him, brush him, pick out his feet and lead him around.  He is still a bit shy but starting to understand I want to do nothing but give him little golden hugs and kisses.

 The vet is coming out next Wednesday to geld him and check him over.  He will move to my place this weekend.  Very excited to have him home.  So ya, I can't help myself :)  Introducing...Dirk Diggler...AKA Goldmember II


  1. Dirk Diggler!!! LOL! Nice! And he is cute!

  2. So exciting! He's really beautiful!

  3. Whoa, that's awesome!!! Congrats on the new handsome pony :)

  4. He is very handsome. Can't wait to read his adventures.
    Happy Canada Day!

  5. I was wondering what his story was :)
    Very nice!!

  6. I have heard the same thing about some GG babies before. He should be a good project though, good luck!

  7. Ah golden baby! So cute!

  8. He is gorgeous!! So looking forward to reading about him growing up! Congratulations!

  9. Omg so adorable! Way to get a great deal on a nice horse!! :)

  10. Very cute! Congratulations! I bet you can take this horse no else wanted and make him successful. :)

  11. What a gorgeous little guy! Sounds like you have made a great start with him. Wishing you all the very best together!


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