Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is there an App for that? Viva Carlos Blog Hop!

 Another great blog hop idea from L at Viva Carlos

 Today we explore:  what is your favorite horse or horse related App for the iPhone or Android device? Don't have one.. what about a favorite horse related or riding website?

As an eventer there is one go to app for me - CourseWalk App!

  From their website: 

Map your cross country course

Identify minute markers

Meet optimum time

Take pictures of fences

Print course maps

Look up your dressage test

Share your course with your friends

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

 Personally I use this mostly to creep on cross country courses before I go to an event.  So I can psych myself right out until show day.  

Some other goodies this app offers: (from the website)

Additional Features:
  • Share your course on MyCourseWalk.Com
  • Download courses from MyCourseWalk.Com onto your phone
  • Auto correction of minute marker position if optimum time is given
  • Elevation profile displays the terrain along the course with minute markers and fences
  • Uphill, flat, and downhill slopes can be shown in different colors on the map
  • No cellphone reception or data connection required to record and view course walks

Organizer & Course Designer Features (MyCourseWalk.com):

  • Print crosscountry and show jumping course maps for your shows
  • Make last minute edits to the track and fence positions
  • Add/Edit fence descriptions
  • Add/Replace fence pictures
  • Share course maps with your competitors
  • Fence list with distances and time.
Overall I would say this is a must have for the avid eventer.  It's not cheap at $9.99 a download, but it was worth the purchase for me.  


  1. Wow! I wonder if this works in New Zealand?!
    Must try!

  2. ba ha ha- I love that you "use" it to psych yourself out. Sounds like something I would do :)

  3. Never used it before, but I'm going to try it out now!

  4. People spend 9.99 all the time, albeit not for an app but I don't see why 0.00 wouldn't be okay to spend :P


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