Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Parker Goes to a Hunter Show!

  On Saturday Parker and I headed to a local schooling show, Melrose Meadows.  It's a 20 minute drive from my house and has a lot of classes that are good for baby horses and green riders.  I think this may have been the first show in my life where I didn't braid.  It's the long weekend here in Canada and things were very hectic around the farm.  My husband also came home from being away so I opted to just clean tack and not braid...felt very weird but this show was more for experience than anything else.

  We entered the cross rail and the hack division.  Our division was the first to go and after we arrived we let the horses chill by the trailer for a while before warming up.  Parker was definitely nervous about being away from home.  He danced at the trailer but stayed tied nicely and behaved himself when time came to get on.  We went into the ring and Parker was a good boy, not too looky, very forward and listening well.  A little strong but behaved.  We did the warm up course over our first course and Parker jumped around no problem.

  We did two over fences classes and a flat class.  Both over fences classes I could not ask for anything more.  He got all his leads and changes, the striding I asked for, and was brave and forward.  We were a bit too forward to a couple of fences and had a rail in each class.  Tiny x's are hard on a course on Parker - since he's 17.1 and has a very large stride they just aren't enough to earn respect from him.  We won't spend too much time at the 2' level but I want to ensure he has really positive experiences as he is first learning and we certainly accomplished this.

  He was a bit strong in the second jumping class and then again in the flat class.  We finished with a 5th place in each of our classes.  I opted to scratch him from the hacks as he was very strong and there were about 15 entries - all Trillium showing hunters in the class.  I figured there was no point in getting him worked up in such a large class - with him being strong and tense as it was.  We can try again at the next show where hopefully he is more relaxed.

  I couldn't have asked for a better first show from Parker.  He kept his head even though he was nervous.  He was a blast to ride and there is so much to build on from here.  Looking forward to a few more of these to get some more showing miles under his belt.  Special thanks to Rachel who trailered me along with her young Thoroughbred mare Rush.  An awesome Saturday morning :)

Parkies loot


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